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Musk has averted the risk of nuclear war!

Vita gazette – Elon Musk confirmed that he did not allow the activation of the Starlink satellite near Crimea “despite Kyiv’s request” due to fears of nuclear war.

The biography of Elon Musk, prepared by the American writer Walter Isaacson and released on September 12, came to the fore when the world-famous businessman revealed his decision regarding Crimea. According to CNN television, the biography states that Musk prevented the Ukrainian army from striking the Russian Black Sea fleet by preventing the Starlink satellite from operating around Crimea.

Some previews of the long-awaited biography of Elon Musk written by the American author Walter Isaacson have brought new attention to the role in the war in Ukraine, where an essential part of Internet access passes through the Starlink satellite system of SpaceX, a company of which Elon Musk is CEO. In his book, Isaacson writes that last year, Musk suspended the provision of the service near the coastal area of ​​Crimea to prevent Ukraine’s army from attacking some Russian naval vessels because he feared a further tightening of the conflict between the two countries.

Musk: “True! “We didn’t want to get involved in a big war.”

Musk released a statement about reports about him on his proprietary X platform and confirmed that he rejected Kyiv’s request to activate Starlink near Crimea last year.

Noting that Kyiv sent an “urgent request” to activate Starlink in the region stretching to Sevastopol to sink much of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, Musk said: “If I had accepted, SpaceX would have been involved in a major war action and escalation of conflict.”

Based on Isaacson’s book, CNN stated that Musk was concerned that Russia might use nuclear weapons in response to a possible attack, which it described as a “mini Pearl Harbor,” and that he had secretly instructed SpaceX officials to shut down the Starlink signal near Crimea. It was noted in the news that due to the closure of Starlink, Ukrainian uncrewed underwater vehicles loaded with explosives lost their coordinates and had to return to shore.

It could lead to World War III!

In his February statement, Musk stressed that he would not allow Starlink satellites to be used to escalate conflict and that this could lead to World War III.

For more than a year, Starlink has been an essential system for the Ukrainian government and military to communicate and coordinate some of their activities after several Russian bombings destroyed major telecommunications infrastructure in eastern Ukraine. The design, based on a constellation of satellites in orbit and terminals on the ground to capture the signal, was provided free of charge to Ukraine, with various announcements by Musk, especially on Twitter, the social network acquired by the billionaire shortly before from a year ago.



According to Isaacson, things began to change when it became apparent that Ukraine’s military used Starlink to conduct offensive and defensive activities. Musk tells the author in the biography: “Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars. It was meant to allow people to relax in front of Netflix and have a connection to study and do peaceful things, not drone attacks.”

According to Isaacson, Musk “secretly” told Starlink technicians to shut down the service off the coast of Crimea to prevent explosive-laden Ukrainian underwater drones from conducting an attack on Russian naval vessels. The deactivation caused the drones to “lose connection and drift away without causing damage.”

Decommissioning would have raised some concern from the US military and government, which, along with several other Western countries, provide weapons and logistical support to Ukraine. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mychajlo Fedorov asked Musk to reactivate the connection to allow the underwater drones to work, and according to Isaacson, Musk responded that he was impressed by the drone technology, adding, however, that he could not do so because Ukraine “is exceeding the limits and risks a strategic defeat.”

Last autumn, there was a lot of talk when SpaceX communicated to the US government that it had spent tens of millions of dollars for Starlink in Ukraine and would no longer finance the initiative. After the news became public, Musk said on Twitter that he had reconsidered and would continue to provide free assistance to Ukraine with Starlink. However, SpaceX would strike a deal with the US and some other European countries to supply around 100,000 Starlink terminals to Ukraine earlier this year.

“If I had agreed to this request, then SpaceX would have been complicit in an act of war and an escalation of the conflict.” Elon Musk…

Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson is among the most respected and read authors of biographies not only in the United States. About ten years ago, he became very famous worldwide thanks to the publication of a biography on Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, considered one of the most complete and detailed on the character. Then, Isaacson released previews to the press to publicise the book, as is often done in these cases, choosing some controversial passages that would undoubtedly have attracted the attention of the newspapers.

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