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Salmonella in Kinder Chocolate

Vita gazette – In the UK and Ireland, 63 children have been affected by Kinder Chocolate due to Salmonella. Ferrero has withdrawn some of the products from the market in England and Ireland “as a precaution”. After the UK, some Kinder chocolate products were also withdrawn in France.

At least 63 cases of salmonella have been recorded in the UK, the FSA agency said, mostly affecting children under the age of 5. Ferrero has decided to recall some batches of Kinder Surprise from the shelves of British and Irish supermarkets because they could be contaminated with salmonella. These are lots produced exclusively in Belgium and distributed only in England and Ireland, as far as has been made official up to now.

As in Italy with the Ministry of Health, even in Great Britain if a problem is found with a food product, it can be “withdrawn”(removed from the shelves) or “recalled” (when customers are asked to return the product), The Food Standards Agency (FSA) issues product recall information notices to inform consumers and local authorities of food-related problems. In some cases, a “Food Alert for Action” is issued, which provides local authorities with details of specific actions to be taken on behalf of consumers.

The lots of the famous Kinder Sorpresa have been withdrawn from the market by Ferrero as a precaution, but the news does not concern Italy.

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