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The Vatican has given the green light to transgender people and homosexual couples

Vita Gazette – There is nothing to prevent even transsexuals from asking for and receiving baptism. Children of transgender people and same-sex couples can be baptised. Children of transgender people and same-sex couples can be baptised.

It is a historic step in the recognition of transgender people within the church and a recognition that they are as Catholic as any believer. The first Vatican document allows transgender people to receive baptism, act as godfathers or godmothers, and be witnesses at weddings. The same goes for LGBTQIA+ people. Same-parent couples, however, will be able to baptise their children, whether adopted or born through gestation for others, in compliance with Catholic education. It’s all written in an unprecedented text, announced by many as disruptive, even if full of inaccuracies.

Responding to questions from a bishop on Wednesday, the Vatican announced that transgender people can be witnesses at baptisms and weddings.

In the statement released by the Vatican unit called “Convent of the Doctrine of the Faith”, vague expressions were used in response to the question of whether baptism in the church can be celebrated for a child adopted by a gay couple or acquired through a surrogate mother.

In July, Bishop Jose Negri of Santo Amaro in Brazil sent questions to the Vatican regarding baptism and the participation of LGBT people in marriage rites.

Pope Francis approved the answers to the questions on October 31st. It was also released on November 9.

The document stated that a transgender person could be baptised under the same conditions as other believers as long as this did not cause scandal or “disorientation” among other Catholics.

The document also states that transgender adults can act as godfathers or godmothers in certain circumstances, even if they have undergone surgery.

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