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Draghi receives the Atlantic Council politician of the year award

Draghi: “A Marshall Plan for Ukraine”

Vita Gazette – Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who receives the award from the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s top political body, for “illustrious leadership” for the title of “most influential politician of the year”, said that the US and the EU they are getting closer to each other. Draghi also called for the creation of an aid fund, such as the Marshall Plan, for post-war Ukraine.

Mario Draghi spoke before the Atlantic Council hearing in Washington after meeting with President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The Honored by the US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, The Premier released a brief speech with great authority, in which the salient passage concerns the creation of a Marshall Plan for Ukraine.

“Strengthening the ties between the EU and the US”

“The invasion of Ukraine by Russia changed the geopolitical map, strengthening ties between the EU and the US. A new structure in adjustment but redesigning the world hierarchies. It is important to confirm support for Ukraine by condemning Moscow’s actions, but we must insist on reaching a diplomatic solution “.

“Ukraine will need its Marshall plan”

“We will be ready and present alongside Kiev even when the war is over. The destruction of their cities, their industries, their fields will require enormous financial resources to provide for the reconstruction. Ukraine will need its Marshall Plan, just like the one that contributed to the special relations between Europe and the United States. Furthermore, we will have to ensure that its democratic institutions remain strong, stable, lively”.

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