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The fate of the Mona Lisa: attacked again

The vandal: “for the salvation of the planet”

Vita gazette – Leonardo da Vinci’s work, La Gioconda (Mona Lisa), on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, was attacked this afternoon again. A guest threw a pie on the board.

Another interesting event was added this afternoon to the history of the Louvre Museum, one of the world’s art jewels. To get closer to the Mona Lisa, a strange man in a wheelchair, dressed as an old lady, threw a cake at the famous painting. He cried out that he had done it “for the salvation of the planet”…

A man dressed as an old woman approaches the Mona Lisa in his wheelchair with the package on his lap, then jumps out of the wheelchair and tries to break the Mona Lisa’s bulletproof glass. Subsequently, He threw a cake at the armoured glass that protects the Mona Lisa, and then an exalted young man who praised the “salvation of the planet” was expelled from the Louvre. The episode took place today in the Parisian museum of the Louvre, which houses the most famous painting in the world, in front of which dozens of visitors are permanently stationed.

In a video posted, we see the smuggler, a young man who is turned away by the museum attendants and who continues to shout his reasons as he walks away. He has a wig on his head, just out of place, and pushes himself into a wheelchair in which he was most likely sitting at the moment of taking the action.

It is not the first uncontrolled gesture against the Mona Lisa in recent years. In August 2011, a Russian woman threw a teacup at the famous painting, and even in that case the cup did no damage, it shattered against the protective glass. The woman was in a state of alteration, it was later learned that she wanted to slash a symbol in protest against the failure to obtain French nationality.

No damage even in 1956, when a madman entered the Louvre and threw acid at the painting. The outcome of the attack by a “stone-thrower” as it was defined at the time – and immortalized by a cover of the Domenica del Corriere ‘-.was different, which struck the famous painting with a stone, shattered the glass and damaged a corner of the painting, with the oil paint that peeled off. It took a few weeks of “treatment” to bring the situation as close as possible to the original. The perpetrator of the gesture turned out to be a Bolivian, in an apparent confusional state.

There is also the story of the kidnapping. But it is too long. You can read it in our section “Artworks and cryptic tales” under the title “Abduction of Mona Lisa from the Louvre” …

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