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The stone of patience is breaking; the glass is full and overflowing!

Lampedusa, almost 7 thousand migrants on the island: state of emergency

Vita gazette – Moments of tension at the port of Lampedusa, where agents of the Guardia di Finanza tried to contain hundreds of migrants asking to leave the pier. The municipality of Lampedusa proclaims a state of emergency. Parish priest: Here is the Apocalypse

Moments of chaos and disorder also occurred at the Lampedusa hotspot, where there are currently 6,762 migrants. The Guardia di Finanza agents tried to contain hundreds of migrants who asked to leave the pier. They also carried a lightning charge on the migrants who attempted to break through the cordon. The crowd was caused because those who had to be loaded onto buses and transferred to the port could not make their way through the crowd. At the exact moment when the Red Cross opened the lines for the destruction of the food, several hundred migrants crowded together to get to the bags containing the food and the bottle of water first, fearing they would not be enough. The police blocked volunteers and workers from the Red Cross to prevent the situation from degenerating, making them safe.

Immediately after explaining that there was food for everyone, the distribution of meals to the migrants returned to normal and without any disorder. Once things calmed down, the migrants sat on the ground without protest. The transfer of migrants is regulated by a bracelet made to wear through which it is clear who arrived first and with which boat.

Among the almost 7 thousand migrants in Lampedusa, there are also 257 unaccompanied minors. Nine hundred migrants have already been transferred: 720 with the Galaxy ferry, travelling towards Porto Empedocle, and 180 with the IOM flight to Bologna. By late evening, as planned by the Prefecture of Agrigento, another 750 will leave Lampedusa: 300, already escorted by the police, are about to be embarked on the military ship Sirio, 210 on the Cossyra ferry, which will arrive in Porto at dawn tomorrow Empedocle, 150 with the Monte Sperone patrol vessel of the Guardia di Finanza and then by 10 pm another 90 with the Avallone patrol vessel also of the Fiamme Gialle.

Parish priest Lampedusa: “The apocalypse is here”

“The situation in Lampedusa is tragic, dramatic, apocalyptic. On Lampedusa, they don’t even dispose of rubbish; the water for the island comes from the mainland. The Red Cross has supplies, but if 3,400 arrive daily, they also fight for water. We are all on alert, and even the bishop is dismayed.” Thus, the parish priest of the island, Don Carmelo Rizzo, in an interview with the Stranierinitalia. It portal.

The Municipality of Lampedusa proclaims a state of emergency

The Lampedusa city council has proclaimed a “state of emergency” following the wave of migrant landings on the island. Mayor Filippo Mannino announced this after a group of Lampedusans held a sit-in in front of the Town Hall and then participated in the city council meeting, which had been convened with other items on the agenda. “Today, the city council declared a state of emergency – said Mannino -. We reiterated what we have been asking for months: to try to bypass the island with ships in the harbour, help and support for an island that has been under great stress recently.”

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