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‘The iconic star of Italian cinema’ Monica Vitti dead

Vita gazette – Monica Vitti dead who is one of the greatest actresses of all time and has brought prestige to Italian cinema in the world

Wednesday 2 February: Monica Vitti died today. The news comes from Walter Veltroni’s Twitter account. One of the pillars of Italian cinema has disappeared, “Roberto Russo, his partner of all these years, asks me to communicate that Monica Vitti is no longer there. I do it with pain, affection, regret”.

Monica Vitti was born in Rome on November 3, 1931. A winner of many prizes and awards, she was one of the leading interpreters of Italian cinema. She was the muse of Michelangelo Antonioni and much loved, among others, by Mario Monicelli, Ettore Scola, Luciano Salce and Alberto Sordi. In her career, she has participated in more than 50 films and has obtained the most important awards in the sector: 5 David, 12 Golden Globes and 3 Silver Ribbons. She also won the Best Actress award in Berlin in 1984 and the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 1995.

Absent from the scene since 2001 following her long illness, a form of Alzheimer’s that isolated her from the world. Monica Vitti hadn’t appeared in public for some time now, but she left behind her talent, a style that combined elegance, a 70s aesthetic, a hoarse voice dream, blond hair and eyes framed by black eyeliner.

Thank you so much Monica Vitti for adding us…

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