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Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni:

“My relationship with Andrea Giambruno ends here”

Vita gazette – Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced the end of her relationship with the journalist through a post on social media: the message came from the controversy that arose from some outsiders of the now ex-partner.

“My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost ten years, ends here”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote it on social media.

“I thank him for the splendid years we spent together, for the difficulties we went through, and for giving me the most important thing in my life, which is our daughter Ginevra. Our paths have diverged for some time, and the time has come to acknowledge it.” Meloni continues: “I will defend what we were, I will defend our friendship, and I will defend, at all costs, a seven-year-old girl who loves her mother and loves her father, as I was unable to love mine. I have nothing else to say about this,” she concludes. “All those who hoped to weaken me by hitting me at home should know that however much the drop may hope to dig out the stone, the stone remains stone, and the drop is only water.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote this on social media in a postscript to the post where she announced the end of her romantic relationship with Andrea Giambruno.

The announcement by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, through a post on social media, came a few hours after the case that arose after some outbursts from her partner – journalist and host of the Rete4 program Diario del Giorno – broadcast by Striscia la Notizia.

But what did Giambruno say in the videos that sparked a case? Here’s what Giambruno noted in the excerpts.

The first Fuorionda was broadcast by Striscia la Notizia in prime time on 18 October. Giambruno complains about the criticism he receives for his quiff. “But they don’t bother me with the quiff; I’m 42 years old, and I have hair, in here they’re all bald, but they don’t bother my assholes, here there are people who swear on the air; they go to me looking at the hair,” we hear in the excerpt. The film continues with other moments of pause during the Rete4 program, in which the journalist walks up and down the studio, touching his private parts and saying swear words while talking to his collaborators. “What the fuck are you sorry about? Don’t talk bullshit; mind your bullshit,” we hear. Then he approaches a colleague, Viviana Guglielmi, and adds: “The only opinion that matters to me is Viviana’s.” And again, referring to the colour of the journalist’s shirt: “But the beauty of this estoril blue? A cultured woman like you should know that it’s called estoril blue, it’s not China blue, it doesn’t suit you, you are of a higher level.” And then: “Better today? Are you in a good mood? I was a little sad to see you… You are a brilliant woman, but why didn’t I meet you before? It’s incredible.”

The second wave was broadcast yesterday, October 19th. Mediaset’s satirical show played the audio of some of the journalist’s conversations on another occasion. “Can I touch my package while talking to you?” asks Giambruno. And a female voice replies: “You’ve already done it.” “Are you engaged?” he asks again. “Yes, you already asked this morning, Andrea,” replies the same woman. Giambruno again: “Are you an open-minded person? What is your name? Have we met before? Where have I seen you before? I was drunk?”. Then, the audio continues. “Like love? Do you know that me and… are having an affair? All of Mediaset knows it, and now you know it too… But we are looking for a third participant, let’s do threesomes. Even foursomes with… But… generally, he goes to Madrid to have… But have you discovered…? Is there fi…? Sc…to?”. “Listen, I wanted to tell you something, will you join our group?” Giambruno can still be heard speaking. “The answer is: which one?” replies a woman. And the dialogue between the two goes on: “Will you join our work group? Would you like it?” he asks. “Yes, yes”, she replies. “But you have to give us something in return”, he says. “My expertise”, she replies. “Yes, you have to be part of our group. We do foursomes.” Answered. She: “Is there an aptitude test?”. He: “Of course.” She: “What’s the subtitle? “. He: “Yes, I fuck…” Then Giambruno turns to another person. “I said to her: ‘Do you want to join our group?’. ‘Yes, I would like it’. ‘You have to do foursomes with us.’ ‘In what sense?’. ‘Translated yes sc…’”. Then a man intervenes. “If Striscia records you, then you’ll see…”. “But what did I say guys – replies Giambruno -; we laugh, yes he’s joking, we’re coming from the pandemic”. “But if it’s been over for five years…”, notes a woman. “We were almost as if we were at the Revenue Agency”, replies the journalist.


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