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New measures for immigrants!

New measures for immigrants!

Vita gazette – The Meloni government continues to take measures for refugees and immigrants. The government, which decided to demand 4 thousand 938 Euros from those who applied for asylum in Italy until the process was concluded, has now deported those who declared themselves under age to benefit from some advantages. According to the decree adopted by the government, those who threaten public security will be quickly deported from the country.

The council of ministers adopted a new immigration and security decree. Accordingly, child irregular immigrants who come to the country without any accompaniment lie to public officials about their age and are deported if this is detected. In this way, it is aimed to prevent some irregular immigrants from trying to benefit from the rights enjoyed by minors by portraying their age as younger. Under the new policy, authorities can evaluate the periods of newly arrived unaccompanied immigrants. If these people are found to be over 16, they could be placed in adult detention centres that are currently overcrowded. Before this change, special protection was provided to unaccompanied children arriving in Italy under a European Union (EU) policy that came into force six years ago.

The decree gives broader powers to security forces to determine the age of immigrants.

Again, according to this decree, deportation procedures will be applied more effectively to immigrants legally residing in Italy for a long time if they threaten public order and security.

The same decree noted that within the “Operation Safe Routes” framework, 400 soldiers would be assigned to patrol large train stations where irregular immigrants are frequently found, and some crime incidents have increased.

Meloni: “Deportation of dangerous irregular immigrants will be accelerated.”

Sharing a post on his social media accounts after the decree, Prime Minister Meloni expressed his views: “Let’s speed up the deportation of dangerous irregular immigrants, provide full protection to all women and let’s do the same for children. However, with these new rules, it will no longer be possible for a person to lie about their real age.”

It was reported that the decree-law in question would enter into force immediately. Still, it must receive approval from the lower and upper houses of the parliament within two months to become law.

4 thousand 938 Euro asylum fee

With the circular published in the official gazette on September 22, the government decided to request a financial guarantee of 4,938 euros from those seeking asylum to only remain in custody once the process regarding them is concluded.

Extension period up to 18 months

In another immigration decree adopted on September 18, the government extended the stay in deportation centres of foreigners who could not receive asylum for up to 18 months to act as a “deterrent.”

According to data from the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the total number of people coming to the country by boat between January 1 and September 27 this year was 133 thousand 131, while this number was recorded as 70 thousand 320 for the same period in 2022.

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