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Noah’s Violin on the Grand Canal: “We Are Born Again…”

Violin Grande Canale

Vita gazette – The period of rebirth, which started in Venice after the pandemic, was celebrated with the boat called “Noah’s Violin”. The musicians on the violin-shaped boat gave a “rebirth” concert accompanied by the works of the Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi.

A violin-shaped boat took a canal cruise with musicians led by Vivaldi. Millions of boats and ships have sailed in Venice, the city of canals, with the accompaniment of arias. But this event was a first in Venice’s nearly 1600-year history: A string quartet on a giant violin-shaped boat sent Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, which tells about the periods of life, through the canals of Venice, to the whole world with the message “we are born again”. ..

Venetian sculptor Livio De Marchi designed the boat to commemorate those who lost their lives during the pandemic and to draw attention to the importance of rebirth. It would be a “maxi violin”-shaped boat that ran along the Grand Canal as a tribute to Venice’s post-pandemic rebirth. De Marchi completed his one-of-a-kind boat after a year of work. The 12 and a half meter long wooden boat represents rebirth in the journey of art, culture and music. This meaningful trip took place with the excellent interpretations of Vivaldi’s works by Benedetto Marcello Conservatory musicians…

On Saturday, September 18th, the boat, which was called “Noah’s Violin”, set sail with a gondola escort. A fleet of small motorboats, water taxis and traditional flat-bottomed Venetian sandoli joined the fiddle as it glided through the town hall near Rialto. The boat sailed from Ca’ Farsetti towards Palazzo Grassi and reached Palazzo Guggenheim, where the consecration of the maxi violin was made at the last stop, the Church of the Madonna della Salute. This was followed by a commemoration of the victims of COVID by placing wreaths in the water. Sculptor Livio De Marchi wanted to pay tribute to the post-pandemic rebirth of Venice and the victims of COVID with this violin-shaped boat.


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