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Time for dream terraces

by Elena Marco Bucci

Our terraces… Our island of happiness makes us friends with seagulls, birds and crows. Our dream garden, which we have decorated with colourful flowers and plants…

Furnish a dream terrace. You can, and how if you can! Just keep in mind a few simple rules and that’s it. The terrace, especially in the summer season, can give added value to the house and represent an excellent solution for spending a nice evening under the stars with friends, or for relaxing inebriated by the scents of aromatic plants and flowers. So, if you are looking for creative ideas to embellish the terrace of your attic or apartment, you are in the right place; Let’s begin.

The terrace floor

For the terrace floor, the material must be resistant, easy to clean daily and over the years. You can choose between stone effect, wood effect and concrete effect, the choice of porcelain stoneware flooring for the terrace is a solution that will allow you to obtain a floor with guaranteed aesthetics over time and easy to maintain.

What if you want to recreate a warm and natural atmosphere? Wood effect tiles are perfect for your terrace. Among the various aesthetic effects, you can also choose that of aged wood, in gray or natural tones, perfect for a shabby chic style as much as for a Scandinavian style. It is possible to create a corner of nature with wood-effect tiles for outdoors.

For a minimal and contemporary atmosphere, the effect tiles will be able to give a modern and sophisticated style to your terrace.

And finally, for a terrace above fashion, stone-effect tiles offer a wide range of alternatives: Japanese slate, the elegance of stone or the rustic effect of natural stone. To you the choice!

To give continuity between inside and outside, you can choose tiles that are available in two finishes for inside and outside.

The terrace furniture

When choosing furniture for our terrace, we must first consider its comfort, then the size of our space and then the style we like … Depending on the size of the terrace, one or two sofas, an armchair and a sofa will suffice. small table. Our terrace furniture will be completely completed with the table service chosen according to the place.

Let your furniture sway lulled by the wind

The swing in unexpected places, such as on a dream pool, the result will be incredible! If you still have a child’s soul, a simple swing will give an eccentric tone to your terrace, reminding you of the pleasures of childhood. So why not opt ​​for the rocking bed? Great for a siesta! A terrace full of light with its hanging armchairs is an invitation to idleness. Did you say heavenly? Yes, the hammock! just find a place to hang it outdoors to enjoy an adventurous siesta in unexpected places…

Terraces plants

In a riot of flowers, and climbing plants, fill your terrace with greenery! Make room for plants, even the most invasive, whether it is to provide shade, create an intimate space in the city centre or make your outdoor space more pleasant. Ivy on the walls to create a wall of vegetation, protecting the terrace from prying eyes. Choose the plants according to the colours and flowering periods to make your terrace a lush jungle in every season. Vegetable walls to cover a facade, wisteria to create a pergola, small and large plants to design and structure the space, in pots or in the ground, you can create your green corner. Have you ever thought of cultivating a small vegetable garden in the city? Basil, mint, chives or rosemary and strawberries compose your own miniature garden.

Decorate the terrace with the right accessories

It is very important to decorate the terrace with the right accessories. Coloured candles, floral patterned tablecloths, and garlands to hang wherever you like. Finally, indulge yourself in the choice of pots and containers for plants, use them of different heights, sizes and colours, they will give a touch of movement and joy to the space.

Mountains of pillows for maximum comfort

To give character to your terrace, you can consider it as a second living room… Without any limitation, except that of good taste: mountains of cushions, paintings on the walls, mirrors, bird cages and very original garden gnomes, lanterns, vases, and baskets. The list is long and the possibilities endless.

Decorate with vases

When it is not possible to plant in the ground, it is necessary to resort to pots, which have the double function of enhancing the plants and decorating the space. Mix them as you like: extra-large, square, round, enamelled, plastic, terracotta, luminous pots… A little advice: check that the model you have chosen is suitable for the plant it will host. If you want a terrace full of vitality, there is nothing better than coloured vases in XXL format, full or overflowing with plants. And why not create a group of vases, of different sizes, of different shapes, balconies attached to a ladder, hanging vases, and plants of all kinds, creating an orderly disorder.


Lighting up a terrace

An excellent idea on how to illuminate a terrace is solar-powered lights, that is, those that have no wires but are recharged with the energy of the sun. The most romantic can also choose lanterns, perhaps in a retro style. The lighting is fundamental, a soft light can create a certain atmosphere, especially in the evening, but it is better to also arrange some light points, perhaps oriented on the floor so as not to create disturbance and to prevent those walking from tripping over some object.

Fireplace corner

How about creating a fireplace corner to warm up on windy summer evenings? An outdoor fireplace, cushions, curtains and a low table complete this privileged corner of pleasure.

If we also light our fireplace… It’s time to save time… Accompanied by wine and friends…

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