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Cat dog friendship

by Princess Vanessa

Today, I will tell you a story. In this story, which has a happy ending, we will find traces of universal emotions, empathy, and life, and we will walk together on the paths to friendship. Do cats and dogs fight? Or do they love each other?

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Today is our festival: why February 17th?

Today is our vacation. We will celebrate the cat festival, a day dedicated to us who have won the hearts of millions of kind and loving people. But did you know that this festival is linked to our specialities?

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Open letter to our human friends

Dear human friends,

This year we know very well that the usual New Year celebrations will be able to be held. And we know there will still be artifice games and barrels.

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Plague Alert in Italy!

There is a plague alert in Lazio, Campania and Lombardy. The situation is rather critical and risks having serious consequences throughout the country.

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Our music passion is common with monkeys…

Like humans, monkeys like to take their souls for a stroll with music, to calm their disembodied soul, or to turn it into an exuberant waterfall. Recent research has revealed that monkeys prefer to listen to music rather than watch.

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The genus of cats

They say about us: “They are unique with their noble movements, mysterious character, curious, independent and free nature”. Perhaps this is why over the centuries we have won the deep love of kings, queens, writers, artists and politicians. While protecting our free spirit, we have become the closest companions in life.

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Do You Want to Contact Me?

I’m a cat named prince, accepted me into your life as a friend. You share your cozy home with me. We are now one big, loving family. So don’t you want to get to know me in order to communicate with me better? Animal behavior expert Emma Grigg of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has listed the signs that will help both of us as a result of her studies. Can you read please?

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My Story is Your Story!

Hello everybody! I am Princess Vanessa of the living cat kind, co-author of the Vita Gazette. In this first article, I am telling you about our common history, comradeship and suffering going back thousands of years. Please read it so that the same pain does not happen again and our happiness increases.

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Love us not one day, but every day!

Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day. So it’s our day! You have been celebrating this day for nearly a hundred years. But we are still brutally tortured “with the exception of our lucky pets.” We are brutally murdered… We are abandoned without conscience…

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