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Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigns

Vita gazette – Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned. The decision came after a vote of confidence in the Senate abandoned by one of its government partners, the M5s party.

Mario Draghi announced his resignation as Prime Minister during the meeting of the CDM. After the conversation with the president Sergio Mattarella the decision was made. The step back comes after today’s vote in the Senate, in which the M5s did not participate. The majority got 172 yeses on the vote of confidence that the government placed on the Aid decree. The former central banker had been in office since February 13, 2021, when summoned by Mattarella, he accepted the task of forming a majority after the end of the red-yellow government led by Conte.

The communication from the Prime Minister to the Council of Ministers

“Good evenings everyone,

I want to announce that tonight I will resign my resignation in the hands of the President of the Republic.

Today’s votes in Parliament are very significant from a political point of view. The majority of national unity that has supported this government since its creation is no longer there. The pact of trust underlying the government’s action has failed.

In recent days there has been the utmost commitment on my part to continue on the common path, also trying to meet the needs that have been advanced to me by the political forces. As is evident from today’s debate and vote in Parliament, this effort was not enough. From my inauguration speech in the parliament I have always said that this executive would only go forward if there was a clear prospect of being able to carry out the government program on which the political forces had voted their confidence.

This compactness was fundamental to face the challenges of these months.

These conditions no longer exist.

I thank you for your work, the many results achieved.

We must be proud of what we have achieved, in a very difficult moment, in the interest of all Italians.

Thank you.”


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