Markle Effect

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s statement, “Elegance is more a matter of personality than the outfit you wear” sums up Princess Meghan’s style. Strong, simple and sharp lines… Dark, monochrome clothes… Long, strong pieces…

Meghan Markle has been at the forefront with her style since the day she appeared in public as the new fairy tale princess of the British palace. The interest that started before she became a princess did not change when she left the palace, when she returned to America, or when she relinquished the title of Duchess of Sussex. Every model she chose went out of stock, was named style queen, and downgraded fashion history with the “Markle Effect” rating. His self-confident, strong and determined personality left his mark on the fashion world as well as in every other field. We can summarize Markle’s impressive, eye-catching style with Leonardo da Vinci’s saying, “Simplicity is the highest level of sophistication”.

American actress Meghan Markle, who turned all eyes on her after marrying Prince Harry, also manages to be inspiring with her style choices like her life philosophy. Attracting attention with her plain, elegant and elegant clothes, the Princess did not compromise her elegant style in her wedding dress selection. The famous actress, who aroused admiration in everyone with the simple but extremely elegant Givenchy and Stella McCartney wedding dresses she wore at her wedding, was dazzling with her off-white, silk, simple but assertive wedding dress that left the shoulders exposed. Markle, who appeared before the world press for the first time with the choices he made, also revealed the style codes that he will display in the coming days…


Meghan Markle’s perspective on life, which is at the forefront with her lifestyle and character, is also reflected in her wardrobe. Meghan, who is elegant and eye-catching in every step, always prefers a fresh look with simple pieces. The name, which gives plenty of space to cigarette trousers in its style diary, still prefers to use these pieces with basic blouses or white shirts. Complementing her black suit with a white shirt and stylish stilettos, the duchess does not neglect to balance her masculine stance by leaving her hair open or gathering it messy.


Complementing her dresses in dark or pastel tones, midi length and plain lines with thin belts and simple stilettos, the Princess also draws attention with her double-breasted dresses. The princess reveals that she has a very refined taste in choosing dresses. Markle, who has a very thin physique, manages to make this advantage interesting with moving designs.

Trench coat and belted coat models also occupy a special place in Markle’s wardrobe. The famous name stands out with the choice of coats and coats ranging from beige tones to navy blue and black. Elegantly highlighting the waistline, these coats add a flawless aesthetic to the famous duchess’ physique. Combining coats and coats with long boots and stylish stilettos, the name creates a stylish stance. The coat models of designers such as Sentaler and Stella McCartney are among the favorites of the famous actress.

Meghan Markle stands out with her sophisticated shoes as well as the elegant outfits she wears. Among the shoe selections, long nubuck boots, elegant ballet flats, strappy shoes and classic stilettos stand out.

Princess bags also make minimal choices with comfortable forms instead of showing off. His choice is usually cross shoulder bags and clutch models. The beloved princess, who creates a young and fresh style language with these choices, puts comfort before everything else. These useful and comfortable choices are the pieces that complement Markle’s simple style.

Princess, who uses her sincerity, smile and positive gait as accessories, also prefers minimal pieces that are far from ostentatious in pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Actively working in social aid projects, Meghan Markle prefers Casual Smart in her daily life. As such, comfortable jeans, tracksuits, white shirts and flats are among Princess Meghan’s favorites where she feels the best. Contrary to the title, Markle, who prefers to stay away from showing off, also goes to sports with minimal designs.

Fashion and socio-economic conditions always affect each other. The lifestyle of people and the style that reflects their view of life, on the other hand, make sense of this area of ​​influence. When we look at Markle fashion, we see that she prefers simple and elegant classic models that emphasize the stance of the person, instead of contradictory, assertive, new or ostentatious models. “Surviving is not enough. This is not the purpose of life. It is not surprising that the wardrobe of a princess who has the philosophy of “You have to grow and develop” consists of simple, stylish, elegant and strong pieces…

                                                                                                                          Ayfer Selamoğlu

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