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Russia launches operation in Ukraine

Putin: “The war machine NATO cannot come close to our borders”

Vita gazette – Addressing the nation in the early hours of the morning and launching an operation in Donbas, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that making Ukraine a member of NATO is unacceptable and said, “What has been done is the policy of ‘containing Russia’ for the USA and its allies, attempts to gain a clear geopolitical stake.” In his speech, announced that they had no plans to invade Ukrainian territory, but that they would not feel safe with a threat from Ukraine, so they launched a special military operation in Donbas.

“They are following a policy of containment of Russia”

At 05:51 Moscow time, Vladimir Putin was on the screen to announce the operation. In his speech, he said that they were under threat because of Ukraine, which he described as a “war machine”, to become a member of NATO. “For the last 30 years, Russia has been persistently and patiently trying to reconcile with the leading NATO countries on the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe; NATO is constantly expanding. NATO war machine is approaching Russia’s borders. Why is all this happening? Where does the arrogant attitude that they are privileged, infallible, and do whatever they want to come from? What is the source of this condescending, ignoring attitude towards our interests and our legitimate demands? What has been done is the policy of ‘containing Russia’ for the United States and its allies, an obvious attempt to take geopolitical profits,” he said.

Putin’s views are listed as follows;

– These strategies started after the Cold War. The Soviet Union weakened and collapsed in the late 1980s. When we lost our self-confidence for a while, the balance of power in the world was shaken. Anything that does not conform to hegemony is declared primitive, outdated, and unnecessary. But whatever is useful to them is presented as the ultimate truth. And all that they truly offer is imposed at any cost, roughly, with all available means.

“They crossed our red line”

As NATO expands eastward, the situation gets worse and more dangerous for our country every year. Moreover, in recent days, the NATO leadership has been talking directly about the need to accelerate the advance of the Alliance’s infrastructures to Russia’s borders. In other words, they consolidate their position. We can no longer just keep observing what happens, it would be absolutely irresponsible on our part. What has been done is the policy of ‘containing Russia’ for the US and its allies, obvious geopolitical dividends. But for us, it is a matter of life and death, a matter of our historical future as a people. No exaggeration here, whatever. These are not just our interests, they are a real threat to the existence and sovereignty of our state. This is the red line that we’ve talked about many times before. But they crossed that line.

“NATO supports the Nazis-Neo-Nazis”

– I want to cross that out too. The leading NATO countries are giving full support to the extremist Nazis and neo-Nazis in Ukraine to achieve their own goals. Of course, as they went to Donbas, they will go to Crimea to go to war and to kill. It will be just as gangs of Hitler’s Ukrainian Nazi supporters killed innocent people during World War II.

“Qualsiasi attacco al nostro Paese avrà conseguenze disastrose”

– In military terms, even after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the loss of much of its potential, today’s modern Russia is one of the world’s greatest nuclear powers, and it also has certain advantages in terms of many new types of weapons. In this context, no one should doubt that a direct attack against our country will have devastating and dire consequences for any potential aggressor.

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