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Putin: “Payments for gas only in rubles”

Vita gazette – Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia will ask countries deemed hostile to pay for gas supplies in rubles. Hence, the Russian currency recouped most of the losses.

Russia has responded with a new move to the sanctions wars of cooperation between the US, EU and NATO, ranging from economics to art, international organizations, artists and property freedom … “I have decided to implement – Putin said at a government meeting – a series of measures to transfer the payment of our gas supplies to hostile countries in Russian rubles ”. Putin ordered the changes to be implemented as soon as possible. Every day, European countries pour about a billion dollars into Moscow’s coffers for gas and oil purchases. After the announcement, gas prices shot upwards with an increase of over 30%, exceeding 125 euros per megawatt/hour. Putin’s claim to receive Russian gas payments in rubles is a “breach of contract,” says German Economy Minister Robert Habeck. “We will now discuss with our European partners how to react,” he added. Germany imports 55% of its natural gas needs from Russia.

Ukraine, Lavrov: “Difficult negotiation for the US to hold them by the hand”

“Negotiations are difficult, the Ukrainian side is constantly changing its position. It is difficult to get rid of the impression that the US holds them by the hand “. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov in a speech to students, reiterating a concept he already expressed a few days ago.

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