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The Pandoro-charity case: Coca Cola has placed Chiara Ferragni in storage

Vita gazette – The influencer Chiara Ferragni loses another sponsor, after Safilo. Coca-Cola has suspended the commercial that was supposed to air starting at the end of January.

The “Pandoro and Easter egg scandal” is producing its effects like a snowball rolling downhill and getting bigger. After Chiara Ferragni’s Balocco Pandoro charity mask fell off, the stars of her image faded one after another. Brands are leaving, and followers are fleeing, too.

In recent days, Safilo has interrupted the collaboration with the influencer. Now, however, Coca-Cola seems to have taken a step backwards. Repubblica broke the news, writing that the American multinational would have stopped the commercial with the influencer, which was supposed to be aired at the end of January.

News confirmed by Coca-Cola itself, which in a note specified that it had “worked with Chiara in Italy in 2023, also for some filming held last December” and that “we do not plan to use this content”.

“Safilo Group”, the company that produces and distributes eyewear, has officially announced the interruption of the licensing agreement for the design, production and distribution of the Chiara Ferragni branded eyewear collections and, in a press release, specifies the reason: “Following violation of contractual commitments undertaken by the trademark owner”. Both the agreement signed by the two parties and Safilo’s code of ethics provided “the principle of respect for correctness and good faith in conduct”, we read in the press release.

The accusation is of having advertised the “Pandoro Pink Christmas” by suggesting to consumers that, by purchasing it, they would have contributed to a donation to the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin, which, however, had already been made months earlier by Balocco alone.

Balocco case, what happened

A huge millionaire fine for unfair commercial practice. The Antitrust sanctioned Chiara Ferragni and the Balocco company for the Christmas promotional campaign with the initiative “Chiara Ferragni and Balocco together for the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin”. According to the authority, the companies Fenice and TBS Crew which manage the brands and rights of Ferragni, together with Balocco, would have advertised the “Pink Christmas” pandoro (two and a half times the price of non-branded pandoro), suggesting to consumers that a part of the purchase would be donated to the Turin hospital to support research on osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma and to buy a new machine.

In reality, the donation to Regina Margherita had already been made by Balocco in May 2022, well before Christmas. Ferragni’s companies, therefore – although they collected over 1 million euros thanks to the initiative – would have contributed less.


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