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Berlusconi is remembered

Vita gazette – There will be a stamp in memory of Silvio Berlusconi. The postage will be issued on June 12, exactly one year after the death of the former prime minister. And “The Young Berlusconi” from yesterday on Netflix.

Silvio Berlusconi will be remembered with a stamp. The postage will be issued on June 12th, exactly one year after his disappearance. “It is the right recognition for a great Italian who served and honored the Republic in all the roles he held: entrepreneur, sportsman, political leader and statesman”, said the president of the Senate and senator of Forza Italia, Licia Ronzulli, and the Forza Italia deputy, Paolo Emilio Russo.

“With this initiative, of which we have promoted, we have responded to the request of many Italians”, explained the two parliamentarians. The one dedicated to the former president of Milan, however, will not be the only commemorative stamp that will be issued in 2024. The list is long and includes: Guglielmo Marconi (150th anniversary of his birth), Saint Thomas Aquinas (750th anniversary of his death), Giacomo Puccini (centenary of his death), Giovanni Gentile (80th anniversary of his death), Giacomo Matteotti (centenary of his death), Giuseppe Tatarella (25th anniversary of his death), Libero Grassi (centenary of his birth), Alberto Manzi (centenary of birth), Carlo Melograni (centenary of birth), Franco Basaglia (centenary of birth), Eleonora Duse (centenary of death), Marsilio Ficino.

“The young Berlusconi”

The docuseries “The Young Berlusconi”, directed by Simone Manetti, written by Matteo Billi and Piergiorgio Curzi and produced by B&B Film, available yesterday in Italy on Netflix.

The story deals with the success of Silvio Berlusconi from his beginnings as an entrepreneur from the mid-70s with the creation of Milano 2 to the creation of the TV competing with the state channels, up to the political elections of ‘94. In the docuseries, the testimonies of Giovanni Minoli, Pino Corrias, Iva Zanicchi, Marcello Dell’Utri, Fedele Confalonieri, Carlo Freccero, Adriano Galliani, Achille Occhetto, Stefania Craxi, Jack Lang, Gigi Moncalvo, Vittorio Dotti, Anne Sinclair, Carlo alternate Momigliano and Fatma Ruffini.

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