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Spritz is Happiness…

While sipping my Spritz against the Rialto Bridge, where you can see one of the most beautiful orange sunsets in the world, I remember Frank Sinatra’s phrase “Orange is the happiest color”, whose songs and voice make me want to fall in love… This sparkling orange cocktail that justifies Sinatra, It has been the favorite drink of Italians for years. Especially as a sweetener in the most pleasant moments of the day…

Derived from the German verb “Spritzen” meaning to reject, Spritz dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1800, parts of the Veneto region of northern Italy were under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The soldiers who came to town were accustomed to drinking low-alcohol beer. That’s why the wines of the Veneto were too harsh for them. They started to add carbonated water (sparkling water) to their drinks in order to both reduce the alcohol content of wines and capture the taste of beer… Thus, they laid the foundation of Spritz, which will become Italy’s brand…

Spritz’s starting point was wine, but it has evolved gradually. Over time, different recipes emerged in different regions. Initially, soda was used instead of sparkling carbonated water. Later it diversified with wines, champagnes and spirits. The tradition of adding Campari, Select and Aperol to wine or prosecco dates back to the 1920s.

90% of those who go to eat aperitif in Italy want “Spritz”. But just saying “Spritz” doesn’t make any sense. Do you drink it with wine or Prosecco, a lightly sweetened Italian champagne with a small aperitif? Which liqueur will you prefer? Would you prefer fragrant orange Aperol? Or do you prefer the more bitter-tasting Campari or Select? Since wine was the main ingredient in the beginning, Spritz with white wine is also often served in Venice today. However, it is very common to use Prosecco instead of wine. It can be included as wine in some menus. But do not be mistaken? This is optional use. There is only one requirement for all varieties: Before pouring anything, the glass must be filled with ice. And Spritz is served in either short and straight glasses or goblets. The final touch is the orange slices…

Spritz Select

Select was born in 1920 on Murano, an island in the lagoon. Legend has it that this is the real “Venetian spritz”.

1/3 wine or prosecco

1/3 Select

1/3 soda

Campari Spritz

With its bright red color, Campari spritz is the indispensable drink of conversations on many summer evenings.

1/3 white wine (or prosecco)

1/3 Campari

1/3 soda

And to garnish, orange pie.

Aperol Spritz

The other great classic of the evening, L’Aperol, gives the Spritz a more orange hue. Conversation remains the cornerstone of positive evenings of laughter and jokes.

1/3 white wine (or prosecco)

1/3 Aperol

1/3 soda

We always add ice and orange slices to the glass first, then our other choices…

Spritz varieties are not limited to these, of course. It is possible to see varieties such as artichokes named Cynar and plums called Hugo… When we look at the development of Spritz, it seems that new versions will continue.


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