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Tajani: “Israel is causing too many civilian victims”

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said Israeli attacks on Gaza were “disproportionate” and that many civilians who had nothing to do with Hamas had lost their lives. Tajani asked Israel to “avoid reprisals against the Palestinian civilian population.”

In the Radio1 program, Tajani answered questions about the appeals for “end to war” and “peace” at the Sanremo Festival. Ghali, one of the festival’s contestants, had called for “stop the genocide” on stage. These words provoked a reaction from Israel, and the authorities claimed that the Sanremo stage was a tool for inciting hatred.

“Israel is wrong because it is causing too many civilian victims,” ​​Minister Tajani said on the radio. He added: “At this point, Israel’s reaction is disproportionate; there are too many victims who have nothing to do with Hamas. We must aim for the release of the hostages and ensure that the violence of the Israeli attacks stops.”

“I don’t think it’s a genocide, but too many victims.”

“I don’t think there is genocide; of course, Israel is wrong because it is causing too many civilian victims,” Tajani said again.

 With this last sentence, the minister responded to a question on the controversies linked to the Sanremo festival and the message brought on stage by the singer Ghali, which provoked an irritated intervention from the Israeli ambassador.

“Stop the genocide,” Ghali said on Saturday evening at the end of the performance: his song, “Casa mia”, which contains references to the war in the Middle East (for example, he asks, “But how can you say that everything is normal” if you “bomb a hospital”). Ghali then returned to the topic on Sunday, as a guest on Domenica In da Mara Venier: he was asked a question citing the irritation of the Israeli ambassador, according to which the Sanremo stage should not be used for this. “And what was I supposed to use that stage for? I was a musician before I got on that stage, and I’ve been saying these things for years. I’ve always talked about it.”

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