Whoopi Goldberg meets Pope Francis in Rome

Whoopi Goldberg meets Pope Francis in Rome: “Maybe this scene will go in Sister Act”. On a surprise visit to the Vatican, Whoopi Goldberg points to St. Peter’s Basilica and sparks the imagination. “Maybe this scene will happen in the film; you don’t know it yet, but we are in Rome. What are we doing here? You’ll find out soon.”

Pope: “We are in a world war in Ukraine”

“We are in a world war. It started in bits and pieces; no one can say it’s not global because the great powers are all entangled. And the battlefield is Ukraine. They all fight there. There are imperial interests there,”. says the Pope in an interview.

Vatican properties cannot be used for free!

Pope Francis, often on the agenda with his correct approach, said “no” to the free or cheap use of Vatican real estate. With this call from the Pope, cardinals and senior officials will have to give up free or advantageous rents.