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Bringing frozen people back to life

Scientists have achieved a significant milestone in brain preservation, bringing us closer to the possibility of eternal brain protection. In a groundbreaking experiment, cryogenically frozen brain tissue was successfully thawed in a laboratory environment, demonstrating resilience and functionality.

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Attention! BrainGPT can read your mind

BrainGPT systems have become portable. Scientists have developed the world’s first artificial intelligence that can read minds and convert brain waves into texts. This artificial intelligence, which works with a visor covered in sensors, observes certain electrical activities in the brain of the person wearing the visor. At the same time, he thinks and converts them into words.

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A Parkinson’s patient walks again

Technology developed in Switzerland has allowed Parkinson’s patients to walk again. Parkinson’s patient Marc Gauthier has become the first patient in the world to walk again thanks to the neuroprosthesis placed on the spinal cord.

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The elixir of youth was found in pig blood

Researchers have suggested that a substance derived from compounds found in pig blood can reverse the age of rats. If these findings can be translated to humans, it could mean a reversion of an 80-year-old individual to the biological age of just 26.

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Sales of the iPhone 12 suspended in France

The sale of the iPhone 12 has been suspended in France. The decision was communicated by the French National Frequency Agency (Anfr), which has decided to withdraw this smartphone model from the market because it emits too many electromagnetic waves compared to those permitted by European standards.

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New blood group discovered: it is called ER

A new blood group discover called ER. In a medical breakthrough, scientists discovered a rare new blood group system that helped them solve a long-standing mystery in blood grouping. Thanks to this invention will help prevent blood diseases.

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