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Elezione Quirinale: Centre-right will vote for Casellati

Vita gazette – We are coming to end at the Presidential Ball. The centre-right alliance announced that they will vote for Senate President Maria Elisabetta Casellati, who is the second most important leader in the country after the President, in the vote to be held today. Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta was said the previous day, “We will vote on Friday. Not a right-wing president.”

In the ongoing presidential elections in Italy, none of the candidates reached the required number of votes to be elected in the 4th round. There was a storm of empty votes in the polls yesterday. The majority needle again pointed to President Sergio Mattarella after the blank ballots.

President Mattarella won the most votes again

Although President Sergio Mattarella has declared that he is not a candidate, his name continues to be mentioned as a reliable and stable President in both public debates and voting. He became the name with the most votes with 125 votes the previous day and 166 votes yesterday. Although Prime Minister Mario Draghi did not announce his candidacy, he is one of the most discussed names both in the country and in the international community. However, it became the common view of almost all parties that he gathered the multi-part coalition government and took this process as Prime Minister due to his success in managing Italy during the corona crisis process.

This fact is also reflected in the voting. The votes for Draghi are around 5-6. In this result, if Draghi goes to Quirinale, the government crisis, the concerns of holding early elections and not being re-elected also play a role. On the other hand, if we consider that a day is too long in terms of politics, the needles may suddenly turn to the formula of Mario Draghi and Pier Ferdinando Casini. In this context, it remains a matter of curiosity whether Mario Draghi, who called Silvio Berlusconi yesterday to say get well soon, touched on political speeches in this meeting.

In this process, new names are put forward every day, each of them is burned at the same speed for various reasons. An election process is taking place in which all parties oppose the names mentioned. Therefore, today’s vote will be important to see the President waiting at the end of the tunnel.

Known for her closeness to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Elisabetta Casellati will go down in history as “Italy’s first female president”  after being named “Italy’s first female Senate president” if elected.

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