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Christmas tree fell in Belgian market square: One woman died

Vita gazette – A woman was killed and two people injured by a giant Christmas-illuminated tree -20 meters high- that fell over during stormy weather in the Belgian town of Oudenaarde.

The Christmas market in Oudenaarde, Belgium’s Oost Vlaanderen province, witnessed a disaster. A 20-meter-tall tree decorated with colourful lights fell over in the market.

Security camera footage on Belgian news media showed a brightly lit 20-metre (66ft) high Christmas tree slowly leaning over, then collapsing next to a Christmas market in the town, east of Brussels, on Thursday as a merry-go-round turned in the historic market square.

Three women trapped under the tree were injured. The 63-year-old woman, who was wounded in the head, died in the hospital where she was taken despite all the interventions. It was learned that the other injured people were in good health.

While the prosecutor’s office investigated the incident, eyewitnesses said the tree fell after the strong wind. Belgian media previously reported concerns about whether the tree was installed securely.

On the other hand, Storm Pia, which disrupted traffic in the UK and the Netherlands on Thursday, also hit western Belgium, where the weather service issued a yellow code warning for the coastal areas.


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