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Colosseum accompanied Italy’s support for Ukraine

Vita gazette – Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s statement, “The west will do everything necessary to restore full Ukrainian sovereignty over its lands, we will promising tough sanctions against Russia for invading its neighbour” was accompanied by its world-famous landmark. The Colosseum was lit up with the colour of the Ukrainian flag for solidarity. Other European countries have also implemented this practice in their landmarks.

Draghi said it was impossible to have meaningful dialogue with Moscow and called on Russia “unconditionally pull your forces back to the internationally established borders. We have our allies at our side.  together we will do whatever it takes to preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty, Europe’s security, and the integrity of the international order,” he said, adding that European Union leaders would impose a “very tough package of sanctions” on Russia later in the day. “We have made it clear in every forum that we are ready to impose severe consequences … Now is the time to apply them.”

Last night, famous landmarks in Italy and other European Union (EU) countries, which are next to Ukraine along with the USA, were illuminated with the colours of the Ukrainian flag for solidarity with Europe.

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