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The Constitutional Court rejected the referendum on euthanasia

Vita gazette – The Constitutional Court rejected the referendum on euthanasia. In a note explained that in the event of approval, the law would not ensure “the minimum constitutionally necessary protection of human life”.

The Constitutional Court met today in the Council Chamber to discuss the admissibility of the referendum called Partial repeal of Article 579 of the Criminal Code (murder of the consenting party). After the meeting, it was communicated through the press office that the “Referendum on euthanasia” was deemed unacceptable. The motivation for the decision was not fully explained, but in a note, it was emphasized that the minimum protection of human life is a constitutional right and stated that “the right to a referendum cannot be claimed in general and with particular reference to the weak and the vulnerable “.

The Constitutional Court has ruled inadmissible the referendum on active euthanasia, requested with a signature collection organized in recent months. by the Luca Coscioni Association. In all, 1.2 million signatures had been collected. Today the Council Chamber will meet again to assess the admissibility of the other 7 questions presented, on justice and legal cannabis. In the meantime, the examination of the bill on the end of life in the House will resume on Thursday. More than 40 years have passed since the first collection of signatures, in 1979. It was 1984 when the first text was deposited in Parliament by the socialist Loris Fortuna. But euthanasia remains unapproachable. The full Court ruling will be available in the coming days.

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