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Scary claim about JN1 variant of COVID-19! prefers intestinal cells

Vita gazette – Dense viruses have been detected in wastewater around the world. Experts believe that the new variant of Covid-19, JN1, affects the stomach and intestines. Which means it can infect more easily.

The Covid-19 pandemic, one of the deadliest epidemics in world history, is behind us. But the virus still manifests itself. With the arrival of winter, cases began to increase. However, a new disease feature has sparked concern in the healthcare community. The virus, which settled in the upper respiratory tract and lungs, was transmitted through breathing. However, it is also believed that the new variant establishes itself in the stomach and intestines and is transmitted through excretion. Scientists say “it’s possible” after detecting record levels of the virus in wastewater.

Covid traditionally infects people through the nose and mouth and multiplies in the respiratory tract, sometimes migrating to the lungs. However, some virologists believe the Covid virus has altered its requirements for entering cells, meaning it can infect the gut more quickly. The variant is more contagious than other strains and can evade the immune system. The latest data from the CDC shows that nearly all states report at least high levels of COVID-19 in wastewater. Australian virologist Stuart Turville believes that JN.1 follows a new pathway in cells and prefers intestinal cells.

Scientists worldwide, including in the United States, are detecting traces of COVID-19 in much larger quantities in wastewater. Marc Johnson, a molecular virologist and professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the University of Missouri, told “There have been some huge spikes in wastewater in Europe, and a lot of us were thinking about what the possible explanations, whether it’s just a lot of cases or whether there is some other explanation.”

In Austria, for example, COVID levels in wastewater have increased from almost zero in July this year to around 700 genetic copies per person, indicating viral load.

One idea is that the new JN.One variant has changed its requirements for entering cells, perhaps to bypass vaccine immunity or previous infections.

Professor Johnson said it was “possible” that the new dominant JN.1 variant of Covid is more gut-focused, but there was no direct evidence for this theory yet.

But many other coronaviruses infect the gut, Professor Johnson said, “so it wouldn’t be that surprising”.

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