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“The curtains of life” opened in Italy!

Vita gazette– Cultural life in Italy began to breathe again. In the context of the fight against the corona epidemic, venues such as theaters, cinemas and concert halls, whose curtains were lowered, opened their doors completely…

The process of returning to normal continues in Italy, which is among the countries most affected by the Corona epidemic. In Italy, which has resolutely and successfully implemented the vaccination campaign and the implementation of the Covid certificate, venues where artistic and cultural activities such as cinema and theater continue to serve at full capacity as of today. In this context, new arrangements were made for nightclubs and discotheques. Accordingly, entertainment venues were allowed to reopen with 50 percent capacity indoors and 75 percent capacity in open spaces. The social distancing requirement still applied in museums has been removed. Statutes were also discussed in the decision of the Council of Ministers. The spectator capacity of the stadiums was increased from 50 percent to 75 percent.

For entry to these venues, the Covid certificate, known as the “green passport”, will be mandatory. Indoor spaces will need to have appropriate ventilation systems. Businesses that are determined not to comply with conditions such as capacity limits and Covid certificate will be closed in the second violation.

Since last August, the government has gradually started to require Covid certificates for many public venues and events. This obligation still applies in many areas, including closed parts of restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, and long-distance transportation. In schools opened in September, teachers were also required to have a Covid certificate. As of October 15, this document will be mandatory for all employees when entering their workplaces.


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