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“Romantic Literature Festival” 

Vita gazette – The antidote to war, one of the most important architects of peace, “culture and art life” continues uninterrupted. The exciting countdown is over. The “Festival della Letteratura Romantica”, which literature lovers and the literary world have been waiting for, took place today.

More than 200 writers and many publishing houses participated in the ‘Italian Romanticism Festival’, which took place at Milan Assago Mediolanum Forum this year. Organized by Lidia Ottelli, the founder of the “Il Rumore dei Libri” literary blog, in collaboration with Serena Famà (Sese Fa) and Kinetic Vibe, the cultural event took place at the Assago Forum Gallery in Milan between 10-17.30. Many publishing houses, including Mondadori, Sperling & Kupfer, Newton Compton and Harmony, participated in the festival. More than 200 writers from Italy’s most famous “self-publishing” were also at the festival.

 Graphic designer Rocchia Design also participated in the festival, supported by sponsors such as Queen Edizioni, Word Edizioni, Dri Editore, CSU (Collective Writers united), Harmony, typography ‘Tribù La Stamperia’. Special guests included international writers Lianne Cotton and Cora Really. Books were signed in the sections where readers met with authors. Photos were taken with fans. Conferences and interviews were held for the world of literature.

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