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The jewels celebrate Euro 2021

Vita gazette – Jewels also joined the Euro 2020 championship celebrations. The pride that started with green, red and white colors from the windows and balconies of the Italians reached the jewelery sector. Jewelery designed with the Italian flag celebrates the achievements of Italy…

The fact that the Italian national team defeated England in the 2020 final to become European champion has deeply affected not only the world of football, but also all segments of society, which had a difficult time due to the pandemic and economic difficulties. The championship, which arrived after 53 years among the deadly winds of the global pandemic, has become for Italians “the water of life”. Italians, who define their feelings with the words “It was a dream, it came true”, enjoy Italian success and identity in every field. The goldsmith industry also participated in the celebratory procession, which began in all the squares and streets of the boot since the night of the championship. Bracelets, earrings, rings and cufflinks prepared with the Italian flag celebrate the three colors with their unifying designs.

Modeled with squares, hearts or green, white and red bees, the designs are also reminiscent of Italian craftsmanship, creativity and exquisite jewelery craftsmanship. From the most precious diamond pieces to the most accessible zirconia models, the goal is the same. “To carry Italy in your heart”.

In the prepared collections, the traces of power, teamwork, perseverance and joy can be seen. Each piece highlights the importance of passion and determination in facing challenges to achieve success. Playing a unifying role as they cross country borders, the tricolor jewels shine as a reminder of that sparkling final night.

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