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Sonbahar’ın sıcak yüzü

by Elena Marco Bucci

The leaves are starting to change color. Yellow, red, orange colors cover nature. The nights are starting to get cold. There’s a hint of cinnamon and a light pumpkin spice scent in the air. Yes, autumn has come. Throw your shawl over your shoulders, put on your woolen socks, cover your knee with a blanket. And read our advice on preparing your home for this season of transformation…

For those who know the meaning of life, share the colorful miracles of nature and multiply their lives, Albert Camus said, “Autumn is a second spring in which every leaf is a flower.” It’s not unfair either: Nature dedicates its entire year for the grand finale. Everything explodes in all its beauty. The rustle of bright and pastel-colored dry leaves whispers unique verses in our ears.

Then it’s time to open the doors of our island of peace, to take the warm colors of autumn inside these days when the rains start and the cold weather makes itself felt.

Color palette from yellow to terracotta

With the arrival of autumn, we can bring the warm red, orange, terracotta and yellow colors we see in the fallen leaves into our homes with small touches. There are many accessories made of leaves in these color tones. We can revive the warm-toned leaves of autumn in our homes by using plates, paintings, candles and many other leaf-patterned accessories in your home. Using warm colors together causes eye strain. Therefore, we can balance the harmony in the house with colors such as gray, black and white. As a contrasting color to earth colors, we can use pastel green tones to create a contrasting balance.

Temperature at a glance

We can start to experience the warmth of autumn from outside our home. We can put gourds, cones and autumn-colored flowers at the entrance of our house. We can use gourds simply. Or we can place flowers, dried branches, leaves and candles that reflect the colors of the season. We can hang a stunning wreath of leaves and dry branches on our door. We can plant chrysanthemums at the entrance or in the garden. Or by placing them in brown baskets suitable for seasonal colors, we can further increase their visual impact. Thus, these perennial flowers will continue to warm us next autumn.

Withered, colourful leaves, dry branches, cones, gourds

First of all, the decoration materials we need are dry branches, wilted leaves, cones, gourds and horse chestnuts in accordance with the spirit of the time. We can mount them on a round wire to our liking and hang them over our door as an extremely attractive wreath.

Again, we can put leaves and branches in glass or earthen pots and prepare lighted or non-illuminated corners.

Pillows and blankets

The pillows, seat covers and blankets we use on the sofas accompany this colour harmony. Floral, geometric or checkered or in faux fur! It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s in warm brown and yellow. Upholstering our furniture with lots of soft layers while watching movies, listening to the rain outside, and reading our book changes the whole atmosphere of the house.

A corner of our own

We can hang yellowed leaves and cones on our little windows with ghost thread. We can place candles in front of the window that reflect the autumn light by rising among the leaves. We can customize this hot corner as our own section. For this, a comfortable armchair, a pouffe on which you can stretch your feet and a blanket with autumn colors are sufficient.

Fireplace and candles

The fireplace that burns in one corner of the house during the autumn and winter seasons warms both the environment and our soul. For this, we can use electric fireplaces that do not burn in them and are very practical to use, by mounting them on a wall. We can sit around the electric fireplace and make warm and precious memories with our family and friends. It’s okay if you don’t have a fireplace. We can capture the same warmth and romance with candles. We can warm the spirit of our homes with candles in more than one color, scent and size.

Autumn lighting

During this period, we should generally prefer dim and sunlight lighting. In order to keep the autumn atmosphere alive in our homes, we should stay away from the lighting in the center of the room. Instead, we should prefer yellow-daylight lighting from a single corner or along the wall.


Carpets and kilims, which are preferred in thinner and lighter tones in summer, are replaced by thicker and warmer carpets in winter. We can choose carpets by combining the warm colors of red, orange and yellow with the colors suitable for the decoration of our home. By choosing thicker and woolen carpets that we will use in winter, we can have a warm area both for decoration and use.


For autumn decoration, we can also change our background curtains to match the autumn theme of the house. The contribution of the background curtains, which we will choose in thicker and warmer tones, to the decoration of the houses is very important.

Autumn scent

Autumn is also spice season. Apple spice, pumpkin spice, allspice, luxury spice, ginger spice, these are scents that suit autumn. If these products have spice behind them, they’re a great choice for fall. Coconut also suits these mixes. Cinnamon sticks are an indispensable material for autumn decoration with their colors, scents and shapes. For example, we can create an impressive visual material for our tables and coffee tables by tying the cinnamon sticks that we will put around the cylinder candles with natural threads, placing them on a plate and feeding them with natural leaves, shelled walnuts and acorns or cones. They all make us feel warm. We can take it home with delicious treats, candles, oil diffusers, potpourri or incense.

                                                                                                                           Happy autumn!

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