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Farewell to the hero Antonio D’Acci

Vita gazette – A train driver, whose name was Antonio D’Acci, suffered a heart attack. The rescue was useless. But Antonio saved the 87 passengers on board.

The man’s name was Antonio D’Acci. He was 61 years old, originally from Foggia, and lived with his wife and daughter in Termoli (Campobasso).

A driver of regional train 4193, which covers the route from Pescara to Sulmona, died yesterday afternoon due to a heart attack. The fatal illness occurred while the convoy was travelling, but the engineer managed to stop the train in a rural area near Alanno, halfway along the route, thus saving the 87 passengers on board.

Initially, he was assisted by the train conductor and the on-board staff, then by 118, but unfortunately, every attempt to resuscitate him was in vain. The man was declared dead. The news of his death sparked a wave of emotion and appreciation on social networks, with numerous messages of condolence.

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