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Russia wants the loaned masterpieces back

Vita gazette – The policy of excommunicating Russian culture, art and artists came as a slapstick response. The Ministry of Culture of Russia requested that the works of art they lent to Italian museums “for display” have to be returned to the “Hermitage Museum” by the end of March.

                                                          “Bacio di Cupido” di Canova

In the name of art and universal culture, embarrassing and sad developments continue between the Western world and Russia, divided in two by the Ukrainian crisis. Russia has responded to excommunication decisions concerning universal culture, art and science, such as removing Tchaikovsky from the repertoires of the Western world, excommunicating writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, directors like Tarkovsky, Russian artists, and rejecting articles written by Russian scientists. And he reacted: “If you are excommunicating our culture, art and artists, return the works of art we have borrowed to be exhibited in your country”. In the message conveyed in writing by Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, “The Hermitage is a state museum under the Ministry of Culture. The works loaned by Russia must be returned. Please return them to us by the end of March”. 

                                             “La giovane donna con il cappello” di Tiziano

+ 22 works of art

Among the works are Canova’s “Cupid’s Kiss” on loan to the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan; Titian’s “Young Woman in a Feather Hat” e Giovanni Cariani’s “Giovane donna con vecchio di profilo” at the Palazzo Reale in Milan; The Fondazione Fendi in Rome features “Picasso’s Young Woman. A further 22 artefacts from the four Russian museums at the Gallerie di Italia, “The Grand Tour: Dreams of Italy, from Venice to Pompeii” will also be returned.

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