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Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni:

“The two people and two states”

Vita gazette – Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said the international community must avoid escalating the war between Israel and Hamas and set a roadmap towards the two people, two states solution.

Meloni made the remarks while speaking in Egypt at the Cairo international summit for peace in the Middle East as Israel prepares a ground assault on GazaThe summit was organised by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to analyse the situation in the region and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as well as the future of the Palestinian cause and the peace process. Heads of state and government attend the summit, but also heads of international organisations.

Per la premier italiana è fondamentale evitare una escalation che creerebbe un solco incolmabile con i paesi arabi.

“The impression I have, from how the attack took place, is that Hamas’ objective is not to defend the Palestinian people but to force Israel into a reaction against Gaza that would create an unbridgeable gap between Arab countries. The target is all of us, and falling into this trap would be very stupid.”

“No cause justifies targeting defenseless civilians.”

“No cause justifies terrorism, actions designed to target defenceless civilians; no cause justifies women massacred and newborns brutally filmed with a camera. But at the same time, it is in the interest of all leaders at this table that what is happening in Gaza does not transform into a wider conflict into a war of religion of civilisation, making the efforts of recent years to normalise relations in vain”.

“Our immediate priority is civilian population, not mass exodus.”

“The reaction of a State cannot and must never be motivated by feelings of revenge. A State bases its reaction on precise security reasons, measuring its strength and protecting the civilian population. This is the border where a state’s reaction must remain in the face of terrorism, and I am confident it is also Israel’s will. From the perspective of protecting civilians, there is also an invitation to encourage humanitarian action, initiated by an initial access of 20 aid trucks from the Egyptian Rahfa crossing. Our immediate priority remains humanitarian access, which is essential to avoid further suffering of the civilian population and mass exodus, which would destabilise this region. Something we don’t need.”

“Two peoples and two states”

The solution, according to the Prime Minister of Italy, is that:

“We must do the impossible to avoid an escalation of the crisis, to avoid losing control of this crisis, because the consequences would be unimaginable. The most serious way to do this is a political initiative for a structural solution based on the perspective of two peoples and two states. This solution must be concrete and must have a defined timeframe.”


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