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The Leocorno contrada wins Siena Palio

Vita gazette – The Leocorno contrada wins Siena Palio. Jockey Tittia wins the race for the 9th time and the fourth time in a row.

The heart of Siena, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list with its unspoiled historical structure, beat faster in July and August. The reason for this was the traditional Palio horse races with colors from the Middle Ages, which date back to ancient Rome. The strife and rivalry began months ago in the divided quarters of the castle built on the hill. Flags with their own emblems and meaningful patterns were hung in each neighborhood. These flags, which are the symbol of prestige and competition, were distributed all over the city. In the seashell-shaped Piazza del Campo, where long and narrow streets meet, intertwined elliptical circles were prepared for the spectators to watch the race. Wooden stands were prepared in front of the shops, cafes and restaurants surrounding the Square, which stretches in front of the public palace. Those with a lot of money watched the races from the balconies overlooking the square at astronomical prices.

The second part of Palio di Siena, which is held every year on July 2 and August 16, was held on July 17 this year due to weather conditions.The race was postponed from Tuesday evening due to rains that flooded the course in Tuscany.

On Wednesday night, Leocorno contrada won the Siena Palio, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. Jockey Giovanni Atzeni, alias Tittia, completed the race on Violenta da Clodia horse for three laps of the iconic track in Piazza Del Campo in the center of Tuscany city. It was Tittia’s ninth and fourth consecutive win. This was the first victory in the fourth attempt of Violenta da Clodia, a nine-year-old laurel mare.

At the beginning of last month, the Drago neighborhood won the first Palio di Siena.

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