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Farmers’ protests are growing in Europe:

The protest reaches Rome

Vita gazette – As in other European countries, farmers’ protests continue in Italy, too. Today, the first contingent of around ten vehicles arrived in Rome. One thousand five hundred are expected on Thursday, followed by a tractor procession.

The protests in front of the European Parliament and the capitals of Europe reached Rome, the capital of Italy. Farmers who have started walking towards Rome with their tractors express their reactions to EU agricultural policies and taxes. As announced recently, the tractor protest has arrived at the gates of Rome. Since this morning, a first contingent with around ten vehicles has positioned itself on Via Nomentana, just outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare.

Another around 400 tractors should arrive from Val di Chiana by today, and by Thursday afternoon, 1,500 tractors should arrive from various parts of Italy. The idea is to demonstrate on Friday in Rome with a procession that will cross the city.

Protests by Italian farmers had begun in all regions, reacting to agricultural policies, particularly the EU’s “Green Deal” program, and price increases in the sector. A group of farmers, protesting for about a week against the situation at the entrances to various cities from the north to the south of the country, protested in front of the Central Station of Milan, accompanied by the police forces, on February 1st. On the same day, the farmers’ demonstration against the meeting of European leaders in Brussels was eventful.

Meloni: “The EU has made “mistakes” in its agricultural policies.”

In her statement after the Brussels summit, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni stressed that the EU has made “mistakes” in its agricultural policies and that changes should be made.

Meanwhile, the media said the coalition government led by Giorgia Meloni was considering practices such as postponing or not collecting some taxes in the face of rising prices due to farmers’ protests.

Farmers’ anger has gripped Europe, but why?

The farmers’ revolt is spreading across Europe. Recently implemented agricultural policies only satisfy farmers in some EU countries, especially Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Hungary. In most European countries, farmers protest with their tractors to draw attention to their problems. EU farmers harshly criticize the Union’s agricultural policies, nature restoration objectives, subsidy cuts, high energy costs, fuel and fertilizers resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war, cheap cereal products from ‘Ukraine and water-saving measures.

Farmers criticize the EU for “making agricultural production difficult by introducing strict rules on using carbon-containing fertilizers and pesticides under the Green Deal”.

EU re-evaluates target on agricultural emissions cuts for 2040

The European Commission is re-evaluating the greenhouse gas emission cut targets required from agriculture to help achieve the EU’s 2040 climate objectives. In a first draft of the climate communication presented on February 6th, Brussels defined the sector as “a central area” for climate action, calling for the sector to reduce emissions by at least 30% by 2040 compared to 2015. In the latest leaked document, the figures for the agricultural sector have been deleted. We learn from sources close to the dossier that the decision will be taken “at the highest levels of the EU executive.”

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