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Sanremo, first starry night

Vita gazette – Last night, the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival began at the Ariston Theatre. The 30 competing singers presented their unreleased songs. Loredana Bertè with “Pazza” leads the first evening ranking, which involves the vote of the press room jury alone. The first day of the Festival was marked by the wounds caused by violence and war.

The Sanremo 2024 playlist is revealed. Amadeus presented the 30 competing songs during the first episode of the Festival broadcast on February 6th. The episode was full of music but did not forget current events. The first day of the Festival was marked by the wounds caused by violence and war and the message “Stop violence.”

The hymn of the fanfare of the 4th mounted carabinieri regiment opened the evening.

Loredana Bertè with “Pazza”

Loredana Bertè, with “Pazza,” leads the ranking of the first evening of Sanremo 2024, which involves the vote of only the press room jury and is revealed only in the top five positions. Completing the top five, in second place was Angelina Mango with “La noia,” Annalisa with “Sincerely,” Diodato with “Ti Muovi,” and Mahmood with “Tuta Gold.”

Launches an appeal for a ceasefire in Gaza

Sanremo 2024, Dargen D’Amico launches an appeal for a ceasefire in Gaza: “History and God, and they do not accept the silent scene.”

“I dedicate this piece to my cousin Marta, who is now studying in Malta. Not all children are this lucky in the Mediterranean; there are children under bombs, without food and water. Our silence is co-responsibility. Ceasefire, history and God do not accept the silent scene.” This is the appeal launched on the Ariston stage by Dargen D’Amico. At the end of his performance with the song “Onda Alta” competing at the Sanremo Festival, the rapper, songwriter and producer wanted to dedicate a thought to the victims of the war between Israel and Hamas. In his song, among other things, he talks about the drama of migrants and all those people who risk their lives every day by travelling in search of a better future.

The wounds caused by violence are on stage.

Giogiò’s mother at the Festival made everyone cry with the words, “Today you make your dream come true.” Amadeus’ invitation to the Festival arrived because GioGiò played in the Sanremo Symphony orchestra. This year, he would have come there again to play and did a masterclass with the first horn of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra. Still, unfortunately, the brutal hand of that killer will never allow him to do so again.

Amadeus’ embrace of the young singer and his dedication to his parents set a moment full of emotion for the evening. Daniela, the mother of Giovan Battista Cutolo, the young musician killed in the street in Naples after an argument, remembered the boy’s death with an emotional letter.

“Giò Giò, my son, mother’s love, do you remember when you had to play in the Sanremo symphony orchestra last year, and I asked you to come with you? You answered me: Mom, have you gone crazy? The little boy with his mother in tow, never! But I was intrigued: I wanted to see Sanremo; you told me it was beautiful, it looked like Naples with the French sparkle, you told me… you know me, it seems like a bit of a wedding favour. If I had to leave Naples, it would have been the only city I would have moved to.

And then, darling, you remember when you watched your beloved horn teacher Luca play on TV at the Sanremo festival, and you looked at him with admiration and pride. And I told you: Giò Giò, you will also play on that stage one day. Well, my love, that day has come. And do you know why? Because you are beautiful, inside and out. You have an aristocratic way of being in the world; you practice kindness and generate beauty around you, unlike those who barbarically snatched your life away. And precisely because love is the opposite of death, tonight you live through the music you loved, which will make you eternal. And then because tonight, all of Italy is listening to the talent and notes of maestro Giovanbattista Cutolo. Bye Giò Giò, we love you, and your mother will never forget you…”

The very long applause for Fiorella Mannoia

The standing ovation for the Rich and the Poor and the very long applause for Fiorella Mannoia then dissolves into a scream that involves the entire audience: “Fiorella, Fiorella” can be heard in every corner of the room, and Amadeus underlines “the public’s “love” for one of the most loved Italian voices.”

Fiorella Mannoia in Luisa Spagnoli and Crivelli jewels showed up barefoot for her Mariposa performance. It’s not the first time he has gone on stage without shoes, but this time, there was another reason behind the choice. The goal is to conquer the Fantasanremo: among this year’s bonuses, there are +5 points for barefoot singers.


Amadeus debuted for the fifth time at the event’s helm alongside co-host Marco Mengoni. In Emporio Armani-Versace and Tiffany & Co jewels, he performed to the tune of Due Vite, the winning song of the last edition. Furthermore, the singer-songwriter gave a medley with some of his most beloved hits, from I’m Waiting for You to Guerriero. Marco Mengoni returned to the Festival, distributing “presser-kisses” and transparent plastic filters, underlining: “All kisses have the same rights; you can kiss without causing a scandal”.

Ibrahimović who joked about Amadeus’ long presence

Surprise guest Zlatan Ibrahimović joked about Amadeus’ long presence at the event’s helm. A few minutes into the evening, Zlatan Ibrahimović, co-host of the Festival in 2021, unexpectedly took to the stage. Siparietto with Amadeus: “You are 61, I’m 42, and I stopped because I listened to my body,” he said, referring to his farewell to football and inviting Amadeus to do the same with Sanremo.

Amadeus remembered Toto Cutugno, who competed fifteen times at the Sanremo Festival. The orchestra paid homage to him by playing Gli amori. Lazza performed from Piazza Colombo with Cenere, while Tedua made the audience dance from the Costa Smeralda ship with Redlight.

Today evening

The 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival, live from the Ariston Theater Today, Wednesday, February 7th, will be hosted by the artistic director Amadeus, whose co-host Giorgia will join in the second evening.

This evening, 15 singers will perform on stage, who will be introduced by the other 15. Among the evening guests were the pianist Giovanni Allevi, the singer and actor Leo Gassmann, the cast of Mare Fuori 4 and the star John Travolta. Rosa Chemical will be there in Piazza Colombo, while the Costa Smeralda ship will dance to the notes of Bob Sinclar’s music. The vote for the Bigs is both the public at home via televoting and the Radio Jury. The top 5 classifieds will be announced at the end of the evening.

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