The stars of Italian fashion

"Italian fashion stars comets continue their upward journey following their followers"

Footprints of a legend…

The year 1921, whose effects on world political history will last for hundreds of years, was also a turning point for the Gucci brand. While some left indelible stains on human history, others, like Gucci, traveled the world like a rainbow with their tenacity, designs, colors and immortal breath.

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The fashion of the island of Capri

Fashion : by Andira Vitale

The world of history, cinema and fashion have always intertwined on the island of Capri, loved by divas, artists and directors. Jackie Kennedy’s trousers, Brigitte Bardot’s flats or Emperor Tiberius’ sandals are the clothes and accessories to choose from on the island that inspire stylists and fascinate directors.

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Louis Vuitton Parade on Isola Bella

Louis Vuitton has arrived on the legendary Italian peninsula. It chose a beautiful among the beauties. Dopo dropped anchor at Isola Bella, which took under the protection of Lake Maggiore with its “2024 Cruise Collection”.

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Historic award to Meghan Markle and Armani

Meghan Markle’s black and white dress with a lotus flower symbolizing rebirth, which she wore in historic interview, was also awarded. Meghan Markle’s Armani wrap dress will be exhibited at the Fashion Museum Bath. The “dress of 2021” designed by the Italian company Armani will be exhibited at the Fashion Museum Bath.

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