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Never without a Super Green Pass!

In Italy, where the countdown to Christmas has begun, the measures are increasing. The Super Green Card period starts from 6 December.

Vita Gazette – Italy, one of the countries that paid the heaviest bill of the Corona epidemic, has increased its measures against the pandemic even more since 6 December. And the Super Green Pass arrives to save Christmas, avert new closures and curb the wave of infections which, although less important than the one that is affecting other European countries, is also occurring in Italy. Purpose: To spend the most special time of the year when socialization increases; prevent re-closures; To curb the rising new wave in European countries…

In this context, from December 6 to January 15, entrance to places where entertainment and leisure activities such as restaurants, discos and cinemas are held will only be possible with the Super Green Card. In other words, it will be required to be vaccinated or have had the Covid 19 disease at the entrance to public places where artistic, cultural and sports activities are held. It will not be enough to have a test in discos, indoor restaurants and stadiums. The green transition has been expanded to include public transport. On the other hand, documents will not be required in shopping places such as pharmacies and supermarkets. The same rule will apply to outdoor sports.

The Super Green Pass is only available to those who have been vaccinated or treated for the Coronavirus. The negative buffer won’t open the doors. The duration of the Super Green Pass will be from 9 months to 12 months for both those who have recovered from the disease and those who have been vaccinated. The Super Green Card period will be applied between 6 December and 15 January. If necessary, this period will be extended. Certification will be required in all white, yellow and orange areas for access to shows, sporting events, indoor dining, parties and discos, public ceremonies.

The obligation to vaccinate was extended to include personnel working in the health sector, as well as police, army and school personnel. With the last decree, the validity period of the green pass document was reduced from 12 months to 9 months. The third dose of vaccines, which is considered a reminder dose, will be administered after 5 months. From 1 December, it will be possible to have a reminder dose for those over the age of 18.

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