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Cannes 2022:

Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund wins the Palme d’Or

Vita gazette – The 75th Cannes Film Festival ended with the closing ceremony that saw the awarding of all the prizes of the rich Palmares: the triumph was Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund, a Swedish director who repeats the Palme d’Or won in 2017 for “The Square” and joins the small club of filmmakers who have twice been awarded the prestigious award on the Croisette (including the Dardenne brothers, Ken Loach, Francis Ford Coppola). There is also glory for Italy with the jury prize at The Eight Mountains.

At every festival, we watch films that convey messages about “Being a better world and a real person” and reward them. That is why the colourful holiday season that ends is both sad and hopeful. We expect the rulers of the world to watch these films and take an example. In this period, when we are dragged into dangerous days at the hands of those who rule the world, both sadness and hope are more intense. The fact that Russian artists, sacrificed between power and profit strategies, could not participate in the festival, “as if they were starting the war!”

As a festival ends this year in which all contradictions are evident, the question of who will receive an award becomes more meaningless. We list the winners and our respect for art…

The mirror of society

Ruben Östlund gave the award signs when was clapped for 8 minutes during the mirror demonstration he held for the public. Commentators had already begun to say he was going to win an award for best picture or screenplay … It was as expected.

The film is an explosive and paradoxical political and social satire with apocalyptic tones, set largely on a yacht and full of repeated caustic gimmicks and mocking inventions. The protagonists are a couple of influencers who find themselves catapulted into a cruise for the rich with catastrophic results.

The Grand Prix: went to relationships

Ex aequo among the winners this year abounded, with the Grand Prix, the second most important prize after La Palma, which went to Close by Belgian Lukas Dhont and Stars at Noon by French director Claire Denis.

The first is the story of the intense friendship between two thirteen-year-old boys, Léo and Rémi, abruptly interrupted, while the film with Margaret Qualley stars an American journalist named Tish, who got stuck in Nicaragua in a climate of strong tension. he comes into contact with a British businessman, with whom he establishes a fiery and turbulent passion until he escapes with him to Costa Rica.

The best director

The best director is South Korean director Park Chan-wook for Decision to Leave, a thriller about a detective who falls in love with a woman he is investigating and who is suspected of murder.

The best script

The best screenplay went to the Swedish director of Egyptian origins Tarik Saleh for Boy from Heaven, the story of the death of the great imam of Cairo, an event that gives rise to a ruthless succession struggle.

Best Actress and Actor

The best actress is the Iranian Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, the protagonist of the film Holly Spider, where she plays a vigorous journalist who investigates to track down a serial killer of prostitutes, best actor is the graduation of the international star of Parasite Song Kang-ho, South Korean interpreter protagonist of Broker of the Japanese master Hirokazu Kore-Eda, a tender road movie shot in South Korea in which the filmmaker returns to the family theme dear to him through the phenomenon of baby boxes used by parents to abandon their children.

The jury prize

There is also glory for Italy with the jury prize in The Eight Mountains by Belgian directors Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch, who have signed the adaptation of the novel by Paolo Cognetti with Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi.

A special 75th-anniversary award

The usual brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgian authors habitué of the Cannes palmarès, were finally awarded a special 75th-anniversary prize for their Tori and Lokita, starring two young people from sub-Saharan Africa who travelled to Belgium to seek a better life but find themselves facing a thousand difficulties to try to stay afloat.

All the winners of the 75th edition

Palme d’Or

– “Triangle of Sadness” by Ruben Östlund

Grand Prix

– “Close” by Lukas Dhont and “Stars at Noon” by Claire Denis

Special Prize for Cannes’ 75th anniversary

– Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes, “Tori and Lokita”

Jury Prize

– “Eo” and “Le Otto Montagne”

Best Actress

– Zar Amir Ebrahimi, “Holy Spider”

Best Actor

– Song Kang Ho, “Broker”

Best Director

– Park Chan-wook, “Decision to Leave”

Best Screenplay

– “Boy from Heaven”

Camera d’Or

– “War Pony,” directed by Gina Gammell and Riley Keough

Short Film Palme d’Or 

– “The Water Murmurs”

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