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US and EU dropped an economic bomb on Russia:

“Some Russian banks” from SWIFT system

Vita gazette – The US and the EU have dropped an economic bomb on Russia. They have decided to remove some of the Russian banks from the SWIFT system, which provides “international money transfers”. The assets of the Russian Central Bank in the EU and the United States have been frozen. US President Joe Biden said of the sanctions decisions they took against Russia: “I had two options against Russia. The only alternative to sanctions would be World War III,” Biden said.

The sanctioning wind of the US and the EU has turned into a storm. The transatlantic alliance has taken very harsh sanctions against Russia. The EU, GB, the United States and Canada have reached an agreement to remove some Russian banks from Swift. “Russia will be out of the international financial system. We will ensure that Putin no longer uses his war funds. We will paralyze the transactions of the Russian Central Bank ”, announces the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Furthermore, the EU, in agreement with the US, is preparing to prohibit the Russian oligarchs from using our financial markets”; adds.

The EU has adopted two packages of sanctions against Russia in the past week. With sanctions involving Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, restrictions were imposed on Russia’s sectors such as finance, energy and transportation.

Biden: “Alternative to sanctions would be World War III”

“The alternative to imposing severe sanctions on Russia would be World War III.” Joe Biden states this in an interview with Bryan Tyler Cohen. “There are two options: either World War III or making Russia pay a high price, Biden says. “These sanctions are the largest in history from an economic and political point of view. My goal so far has been to keep the NATO united. Russia will pay a high price”.

Youtube’s decision

On the other hand, waves of sanctions against Russia are reflected in other areas as well. Youtube has announced that many Russian channels have closed their accounts “in order to prevent advertising revenues”.

France intercepted a Russian ship

The French Navy sails to St. He stopped a 127-metre-long Russian cargo ship bound for St. Petersburg. The reason for stopping the ship named Baltic Leader was explained as “the suspicion that it belongs to a company that is on the list of EU sanctions against Russia.

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