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Traces of the Roman Empire

Ephesus: the dream capital of Rome in Asia

Ephesus was once the Asian capital of the Roman Empire: it was the jewel city of the time; as a cosmopolitan, cultural and commercial center, it was second only to Rome; The people called it the “second Rome.

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Trojan War discovered in Pompeii

Pompeii, a hall decorated with subjects inspired by the Trojan War emerges from the new excavations. Among the characters depicted are Helen and Paris, the Trojan prince who kidnapped Helen, wife of the Spartan king Menelaus, starting the Trojan War. The frescoes also depict the god Apollo and Paris’ sister, Cassandra, from whom he received the ability to predict the future, although his prophecies would never have been believed, not even by his own family.

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The historical structure of the city of Rome: Aspendos

The Traces of the Roman Empire:

Once upon a time, the ancient city of Aspendos had a good king. He loved his daughter, famous for her beauty, and his country “to the same extent”. One day, he had an idea for his two loves. He declared to his people that would marry his daughter to the person who rendered the most advantageous service to the city…

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A new Aphrodite?

A “magnificent, pristine” marble head was found during work in Rome’s historic centre. The newly found head of “elegant workmanship” will likely belong to a female divinity, perhaps Aphrodite.

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February 11: Nero and Britannicus

The noble Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus, son of Emperor Claudius, dies in Rome during a banquet the day before his fourteenth birthday. He had denounced the illegitimacy of Nero as emperor and had him assassinated by masking his death as an epilepsy attack.

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