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Eurovision 2022: 1. Ukraine

Vita gazette – Ukraine wins the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, at war with Russia: with the song “Stefania” by the Kalush Orchestra. The European Broadcasting Union has decided to exclude Russian artists from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. These can be considered the political spirit of the Eurovision Song Contest. But there is no need to expect too much. After all, the Eurovision Song Contest is just great fun…

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest ended. After 4 hours of music, performance and entertainment in which 25 songs competed, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 was recorded. There was no excitement. Because the first was announced in advance: Ukraine

The top five winners are as follows:

1-Ukrainian Orchestra-Kalush ‘Stefania’

2-England-Sam Ryder ‘Space Man’

3-Spain-Chanel, ‘SloMo’

4-Sweden-Cornelia Jakobs ‘Hold me Closer’

5-Serbia: Konstrakta – ‘In Corpore Sano’

Political shadows.

In Europe, which began to rebuild itself after World War II, the European Broadcasting Union was established in Switzerland to bring people together through a glittering entertainment program. Influenced by the Sanremo Festival, this committee implemented the Eurovision singing competition.

In the early years, the competition symbolized the unity of Western Europe after World War II and the union between Western and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Eurovision Song Contest had increased the number of its members who were part of Europe and included Communist Yugoslavia before the end of the Cold War. Israel has been participating in Eurovision for years.

Among the members of the “European Broadcasting Union” are Arab and North African countries. However, all countries except Morocco never participated in the competition because they were opposed to Israel’s accession. During the dictatorship in Spain in the 1960s, the Eurovision Song Contest was the scene of protests. The conflicts of Russia with Georgia or Ukraine, and the tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have caused the politicization of the glittering world of the Eurovision Song Contest. French President Emmanuel Macron asked Eurovision to disqualify the Maneskins. This year, European Broadcasting Union decided to exclude Russia from Eurovision Song Contest 2022 after the invasion of Ukraine. “Please help Mariupol, help Azovstal steel mills now.” This was the political message that Kalush put on at the end of the performance of Stefania’s song.

The symbol of the festival was Ukraine.

Thanks to the first place won by Måneskin last year, the technical and aesthetic designs of the festival held in Turin, Italy, this year fascinated the participants and the whole world. On the final evening, the inauguration took place from Piazza San Carlo. The Rockin’1000 musical group, made up of professional and non-professional volunteer musicians from all over the world, sang John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” with the participants. Ukrainian flags and colours were reflected in the Pala Alpitour and in the squares, from clothes to make-up and speech…

Wonderful host

The Eurovision 2022 Grand Final: There are so many people on the street, walking together and applauding. Someone turns on the guitar and starts the drums. People start singing the chorus of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance”.

And Laura Pausini. The Italian legend offers a medley of some of his hits “Lo Canto, La Solitudine e Volo” and in each song, there is a new outfit. Expect to see it in orange, white, blue, yellow and black. But it shines with its own light thanks to the three metallic looks designed for her by Donatella Versace. A surprise awaits you with the number of dancers, the production and the fireworks.

The flag: Behind the black structure are dancers with glow sticks and a rainbow. That rainbow gives rise to explosions of sounds with the colours of the flag of each country. On the catwalk, there are graphics with the name of the country.

During the parade of the flag, there are two moments of pause. The first takes place after Spain; the dancers are in the centre of the stage with their glow sticks that will also be coloured with the colours of the flag of each country. The second break comes after Sweden.

And the competitors whose images were projected onto the beauties of Italy during the festival, ıt was truly fascinating…

The Italian gestures

A dance-based on Italian movements also created interesting moments in the competition. Because these are gestures as important as speaking Italian. The trio Il trio (Lauro Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan) presented some of them. And the dance company invaded the stage for a routine inspired by it. This is also our motto for raising awareness of sign language. The hosts taught a sign of love to the audience and the audience at home

Chanel’s performance was epic

Spain offered one of the best performances in Eurovision history and this is the right time. Chanel’s performance was epic. Like a Superbowl performance. 

Chanel sang and danced at the same time. Chanel was our winner in the art-based Eurovision…

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