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US-EU-NATO have besieged Russia economically and militarily!

The transatlantic triangle, made up of the US, NATO and the EU, has accelerated the strategy of excluding Russia from the international system politically, militarily, socially and culturally, leaving it alone. NATO and EU member states, which recently removed Russia from the Swift system “except for some of its banks”, instead continue to provide military, material and moral support to Ukraine through Romania and Poland, which are located on the border of Russia. More recently, Italy and some EU and NATO member countries have joined the practice of closing their airspace against Russia. The membership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been placed on the sanctions list by the US and EU member states, as well as countries such as the UK and Canada, has been suspended by the International Judo Federation, as president honorary and ambassador of the organization.

Airports close one after the other

After EU and NATO members and countries like the UK and Canada backed the decision to remove some Russian banks from SWIFT’s “international money transfer” system, their airspace began to close. In addition to Italy (NATO-EU), Germany (NATO-EU-East Germany former member of the Warsaw Pact), Belgium (NATO-EU), Bulgaria (NATO-EU-former member of the Warsaw Pact), Czechia (NATO- EU-former Warsaw Pact member), Denmark (NATO-EU), Estonia (NATO-EU), France (EU-NATO), Finland (NATO-EU), Netherlands (NATO-EU), United Kingdom (NATO- Former EU member), Ireland (NATO Partnership for Peace Member), Sweden (EU), Iceland (not NATO-EU member but an associate member of the Schengen Area), Ireland (Canada (NATO), Spain (NATO -EU), Latvia (NATO-EU), Lithuania (NATO-EU), Norway (not NATO-EU member but not EU member but an associated member of the Schengen Area) Romania (NATO-EU-former Warsaw Pact member), Poland (NATO-EU-former Warsaw Pact member) and Slovenia (NATO-EU) were listed as the countries that closed their airspace against Russia. Former Warsaw Pact member Russia responds to the countries that have taken this decision by closing their aerial action.

G7 countries

G7 leaders issued a joint statement. The G7, consisting of the United States (NATO), Germany (NATO-EU), the United Kingdom (NATO-Former EU member), France (NATO-EU), Italy (NATO-EU), Canada (NATO) and Japan, issued a statement. The group statement, which accounts for 64% of the net global wealth (approximately 263 trillion dollars), included the removal of Russian banks from the SWIFT system and shared that a task force would be formed within the week for the effective implementation of economic sanctions against Russia.

Sanzioni personal water Putin

La guerra ha contagiato anche sport che dovrebbero essere universali come la musica e l’arte. La Federazione Internazionale di Judo ha annunciato la sospensione della presidenza onoraria e dello status di ambasciatore del presidente russo Vladimir Putin nella federazione. Nella dichiarazione della Federazione, si sottolinea che una decisione è stata presa in questa direzione a causa dei continui attacchi della Russia all’Ucraina.



Support from Google

While the news of sanctions against Russia comes one after another, there are moves against Moscow from the digital world. Finally, after Youtube, Google also suspended state-funded Russian media monetization through its platform.

Boycott vodka.

Russian vodkas began to be taken off the shelves of some countries that supported the SWIFT decision, which left the door open for gas imports from Russia, on the condition that “except some banks”.

In protest against the invasion of Ukraine, the United States and Canada lash out against the Russian drink par excellence. “Empty all bottles of Russian vodka and, along with ammunition and missiles, ship them empty to Ukraine for use as Molotov cocktails,” Republican Senator Tom Cotton tweeted.


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