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The danger persists:

“BA.5 cases are spreading rapidly”

Vita gazette – We go on holidays, use crowded trains, buses and planes. The use of masks is almost non-existent! When the very strong qualities of BA.5 are added to these cases, the cases are both spreading rapidly and increasing in number…

The world, which has been fighting the coronavirus for more than 2 years, is now on alert for the Omicron sub-variant BA.5. According to international experts and the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of cases continues to increase rapidly around the world. And he says BA.5 combines Omicron’s worst qualities with its violent potential reminiscent of Delta. And finally, the World Health Organization made an important announcement: “The pandemic is not over:”

The whole world has been closed to homes for a long time due to Corona. He stayed away from social life. After the more contagious but less lethal variant of Omicron, many countries decided to relax. Now the summer season has come. Most of the society started to blend in with the comfort of being vaccinated or now immune. Being a holiday season has increased this movement even more. We travel in crowds, swim in crowds, and sit in restaurants, bars and cafes among the crowds. But everyone needs to know this: A thousand living viruses have shown themselves once again. BA.5 is a virus with a much higher, stronger and faster transmission ability compared to its predecessors. In other words, even passing by the virus carrier on the road is enough for us to catch the virus. Secondly, it doesn’t make sense that we have had a disease before or that our vaccinations are complete. We can get sick again. BA.5 is said to be a rapidly spreading but less lethal virus.

We can think that Covid is getting weaker. But we cannot know our immune power, the diseases that develop in our body, our resistance power that comes with age. Therefore, we must protect ourselves, risky, chronically ill people and our relatives. First of all, we need to use our masks with real functional protection in crowded environments. Second, we need to have the reminder dose vaccinations.

The symptoms of the BA.5 variant are listed by experts as follows: cough; runny nose; sore throat , tiredness; headache and muscle aches.

In some cases, the virus manages to reach vital organs such as the lungs, causing serious inflammatory conditions. These situations, where the risk of death is high, require urgent intervention.

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