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Sleep rejuvenates!

Prioritising sleep could make you feel younger. Research shows that people who get full sleep for one month feel six years younger.

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Attention! BrainGPT can read your mind

BrainGPT systems have become portable. Scientists have developed the world’s first artificial intelligence that can read minds and convert brain waves into texts. This artificial intelligence, which works with a visor covered in sensors, observes certain electrical activities in the brain of the person wearing the visor. At the same time, he thinks and converts them into words.

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Activists dye Italian rivers green

Climate activists have drawn attention to the world’s biggest problem. From Milan on the Naviglio Grande, to the Po in Turin and under the Rialto Bridge in Venice and Rome, the waters of the Tiber have turned green.

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“mysterious pneumonia” epidemic in China

We are in the months when the coronavirus took hold of the whole world. China is on the agenda again with a new epidemic. Virologist Roberto Burioni: “I made the mistake of trusting – hesitantly – the Chinese at the beginning of 2020; I won’t repeat it this time. Common childhood viral infections do not cause pneumonia or lung nodules.”

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