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by Andira Vitale

Valentine’s Day: Love is different in Verona!

“Love is like a child, it misses everything that can happen to it…” (The Two Gentlemen of Verona – Act 3, Scene 1). Whether we quote Shakespeare on love or not, we are all united in the romance of the Romeo and Juliet story. And we know that Verona, where this love takes place, is “the city of lovers behind the stars”. The best indicator of this is February. Because of Valentine’s Day, the streets change and turn into a magical city that fascinates everyone. The god of love, who likes to hide in the small streets of our old city, searches for new victims to shoot arrows with Juliet, who listens to him in the courtyard of his house on Via Cappello.

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare, who had a special interest in the city of Verona, staged two plays here: The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, inspired by a popular local story in the 16th century. Arriving in London from Verona, the story is about two hostile families, the Capulets and Montagues, and their children falling in love. Since Romeo and Juliet contain the universal emotions of human nature such as love, separation, death, enmity, affection, it still holds its place in the first place for four centuries, and it still affects many people deeply. Whether we read Romeo and Juliet over and over and know every sentence of Shakespeare by heart, being where the stories take place is always different. It is much more emotional and real. When we reenact this story where it takes place, this rate of influence exceeds all borders, it takes us into the story and takes us away.

Juliet Club

We can understand the extent of this influence from the letters sent to Juliet. Paper letters from all over the world, in all languages, are sent to the “Juliet Club” in Verona. The heartbroken ones write letters and ask Juliet for help. The association, which has kept the legend of the two Shakespeare lovers alive for years by answering the letters, responds to every letter with an address on it. This interest has reached such an international dimension that in 2010 a blockbuster movie about “Letters to Juliet” was shot in Verona in Verona: painters inspired by Romeo and Juliet painted pictures depicting this love.

Valentine’s Day time

Being the city of love, the romantic atmosphere of Verona increases even more on Valentine’s Day. The whole city celebrates love with guests from all over the world. All kinds of events and shows with the theme of love and lovers festival cover the city like white snow, the protagonist of a winter fairy tale. From romantic dinners to theatres and book presentations, all venues and events welcome their visitors with special concepts. If you’re a cinema lover, don’t miss Schermi d’Amore, the romantic film festival held at the Teatro Ristori. Let the lights illuminating the city be your guide. Follow them to Piazza dei Signori and the courtyard of Mercato Vecchio. The fact that many talented musicians and artists take the stage during the event makes the festival atmosphere even more special. If you love sports, join a breathtaking run in the Romeo and Juliet Marathon.

Ever since William Shakespeare wrote his romantic piece and set it up in the Italian city of Verona, the town has been told by the doomed but beautiful tale of Romeo and Juliet. Verona, a jewel in its own right with its abundant Italian sunshine, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and numerous historical monuments, started to take its place in the hearts with the title of the most romantic city after this story. And on February 14, Valentine’s Day, the annual “Verona in Love Festival” turned into a special occasion to celebrate this union. If you are in love, this is definitely the perfect time of year to visit!

A trip to “Verona in Love”, adorned with a mix of poetry, fun and, above all, romantic magic, is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Here you can listen to romantic concerts, participate in the Giulietta and Romeo Half Marathon. During this special weekend, streets and squares are filled with red decorations and lights, shopkeepers fill their windows with romantic treats as different neighbourhoods compete to showcase the best decorations. The heart of the celebrations is the Piazza dei Signori. Considered the living heart of the city, during “Verona in Love”, local artisanal products are laid out with a large heart-shaped red carpet surrounded by illuminated market stalls selling all kinds of love-related memorabilia.

Juliet’s house

Juliet’s house, with its legendary balcony, overlooks a courtyard where her statue is located. Join the age-old legend there, leaving a romantic letter to your loved one on the entrance wall of the courtyard before placing your hand on Juliet’s right breast to ensure eternal love. Climb to the top of Lamberti Tower to see the decorations and lights spreading before you before finishing your day with a sunset walk on the beautiful Castelvecchio Bridge.

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