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China with Russia

Vita gazette – While the ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine are continuing, China has clarified its policy of taking sides with Russia. China’s call for “Russia’s legitimate security demands should be taken seriously and properly addressed, given that NATO has expanded to the east five times in a row”.

Russian energy company Gazprom announced that it has signed an agreement with China for the development of the Siberia-2 pipeline, which will provide an annual supply of 50 billion cubic meters.

At the press conference held by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin was asked whether China would support Russia by purchasing commodities such as energy, “We will continue to cooperate with Russia based on the rule of mutual respect, benefit and equality.” replied. He stated that the sanction would not only cause economic damage to both parties experiencing the problem, but also to all parties involved, but would also negatively affect the political solution process. When asked how China evaluates the decision of some Western countries to remove Russia from the SWIFT system, Wang said that they oppose unilateral sanctions that are not based on international law and said, “It has been proven by countless facts that sanctions create new problems instead of solving the problem.”

“NATO expanded eastward five times in a row”

Vang had previously called for Russia’s legitimate security demands to be taken seriously and addressed, “A country’s security should not be at the expense of other countries’ security, and regional security should be ensured by strengthening and expanding military blocs. The legitimate security concerns of all countries must be respected. “Given that NATO has expanded eastward five times in a row, Russia’s legitimate security demands must be taken seriously and properly addressed,” he said.

Ukraine should be a bridge between East and West

Vang had previously pointed out that the Ukraine problem developed in a complex historical context and said, “Ukraine should be a bridge between East and West, not the front of the great power struggle.” had evaluated. Wang also stated that China supports the establishment of an equal basis dialogue between the EU and Russia on European security issues and ultimately the creation of an effective, balanced and sustainable European security mechanism.

“We have the best peace record”

“Among the major countries, China has the best track record when it comes to peace and stability. To date, we have not invaded another country and we have not waged a proxy war. We did not seek influence, we did not participate in the confrontation between military blocs. China remains committed to peaceful development and building a human community that shares a common future. We will continue to oppose all attempts at hegemony and power politics and protect the rights and interests of developing countries, especially small and medium-sized countries.”

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