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Green pass: half liberation in Italia

Vita gazette – While the government has extended the mask requirement until June 15, it has partially revoked the green pass. After that, we didn’t need to show the green pass anywhere. There is no green pass, but our protective masks are mandatory in some places.

The green passes we can put it in the drawer, it will only be used in some places. It is no longer required either in the gym or at conferences or in the disco or in the cinema or even in the restaurant. But The document will be mandatory for admission to hospitals and nursing homes until December 31st.

Instead, the obligation to use masks has returned. The use of masks in cinemas, theaters, gyms, concert halls, hospitals and nursing homes is mandatory until June 15. As for shopping malls, supermarkets and shops, the same: it is always better to have a protective device ready for use, say the executive, but no one will pay us a fine if we don’t wear it.

In the sense that from today traveling becomes easier. True, the rules change from country to country. In the EU, the basic green pass is generally needed to be able to land safely: but a negative swab is sufficient and the anti-sars-cov2 vaccination must not be certified. On the plane you still need the mask, but you are no longer forced to fill in the PLF form with which you had to indicate all the information to track down a traveler who set foot in Italy.

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