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A glacial mass collapsed in the Italian Alps

Vita gazette – A glacier has collapsed in the Italian Alps. 6 people died. Dozens of protesters are missing.

Very high temperatures and severe climate changes have now become a part of our lives. These events show that the Alps, along with our world, are now giving warnings. Experts say that by 2050, glaciers below 3500 meters will disappear and only ice sheets will remain. Finally, it was announced that 6 people died and at least 15 hikers were missing as a result of the collapse of the glacier mass on the Marmolada summit of the Alps in Italy.

It has been claimed that the collapse was caused by an extreme heat wave. Temperatures above 10 degrees at the peak of the last few days were not considered normal. Officials noted that the mass of the collapsed glacier would not exist in at least 25 to 30 years.

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